Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2276

Chapter 2276 The Identity Of Her Lover

Gordon was still leading his men to look for Francesca outside. Meanwhile, Monica was racked with guilt and regret when she heard that Layla and Sloan were dead, while Francesca went missing. She was stunned by the news and felt regretful for not being able to help.

When Monica and Francesca were in Danontand back then, they went through life-and-death situations together. Regardless of whatever situations they were in, Francesca never left Monica’s side. However, now that Francesca was in danger, Monica couldn’t do anything to help.

Later, Monica broke the news to William and Hazel. William’s expression changed drastically as he heard that. He immediately lowered his head as if he was pondering something. Meanwhile, Hazel remained quiet with a grim look on her face.

Hazel thought she would be overjoyed when her love rival, Francesca, finally died. Yet, she didn’t feel happy at all. She felt disappointed instead.

Actually, Francesca was a simple lady who knew nothing about deception or scheming. Moreover, she didn’t understand how to fight for power. Hence, she was destined to be sacrificed.

From a sentimental point of view, it was a pity for a young lady to suffer such a cruel outcome. From a rational point of view, however, even Francesca—who was Danrique’s fiancée—had encountered such a horrible fate, there was no way the others would be able to escape.

Hazel was worried sick and felt lost regarding her own future. “Your Highness, shouldn’t we do something?” Monica sobbed. “After all, Ms. Felch did everything to rescue us back then—”

“She’s going to be fine.” William interrupted Monica. “I’m sure she will be all right!” He seemed utterly calm, and there was almost no emotion on his face at all. Besides, he seemed to be comforting Monica and himself with those words.

“Although her current situation had nothing to do with you, she still risked her life to save you back then. Aren’t you a little heartless right now?” Hazel stared at William deeply.

Yet, William ignored Hazel’s question and simply instructed Monica, “Head over to Danrique Castle and see if there’s anything you can do to help.”

“Yes, Your Highness.” Monica nodded sorrowfully. “Gordon is still searching for Ms. Felch out there. Now that Ms. Layla and Sloan are dead, there must be a lack of manpower at Danrique Castle.” “Go.” William urged. “Report to me immediately if something happened.”

“Yes.” With that, Monica departed to Danrique Castle immediately. Hazel couldn’t fathom what was going on in William’s head at all. He seemed unconcerned, yet he assigned Monica to help at Danrique Castle. Hazel didn’t know what he was up to.

However, the more he acted like that, the more curious Hazel felt. She couldn’t help but want to know what was in his mind. Meanwhile, Monica arrived at Danrique Castle swiftly.

A melancholic atmosphere enveloped the place. First, Danrique’s life and death were still unknown. Then, Francesca went missing, while Layla and Sloan died.

Everyone was heartbroken.

Norah and a few old maids cried until their eyes were red and swollen. When they saw Monica, they no longer greet her with a cheerful smile and merely inquired about her purpose of visit with their hoarse voices.

Monica didn’t know how to console them and only told them she was there to help.

As soon as Norah started speaking, she began sobbing. Tears flowed down her cheeks as she muttered, “Ms. Layla was such a kind soul. How did she… Moreover, Sloan, Zolt, and Morty were only in their twenties, and their lives had just begun. Yet, they died just like that.”

Monica felt sad after hearing Norah’s words.

Norah wiped her tears off and told Monica that she had to get back to work. There wasn’t much to do around the house. The phone in Layla’s room kept ringing, and her computer remained on, but nobody dared to touch those items.

Monica went upstairs to help out. Layla’s phone and the computer had switched off as they ran out of battery. However, Monica dared not move them around. Suddenly, the documents on the desk were swept to the floor by the wind and scattered around.

Feeling dejected, Monica bent over to pick up the documents one by one. She froze like a statue when she abruptly noticed a document written in Ustranasion.

The document contained Avery’s information. Not only did Avery’s ex-husband was recorded in it, but also her lover’s identity.

Upon discovering the true identity of Avery’s lover, Monica widened her eyes in shock and called William quickly.

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