Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2275

Chapter 2275 Missing

Francesca supported herself by holding on to the stone wall next to her. She slightly lifted her head, and a dark and cold glint flashed across her narrowed eyes. Then, she muttered in a low voice, as if she was speaking to herself. “You killed Sloan and Ms. Layla…”

“Whoever trespassed the dungeon shall die!” The female military officer was the first lady’s trusted subordinate. At that moment, she was walking toward Francesca slowly with a gun in her hand.

“You killed Sloan and Ms. Layla…” Francesca repeated the same sentence and added, “You must pay with your life!”

“What?” The female military officer burst out laughing. “Are you kidding me? How can you make us pay with your current capability? Are you going to do so just by using that little green snake?”

Francesca merely stared at the sky with her eyes narrowed while staying quiet.

“Take her down!” Right after the female military officer demanded, a few soldiers strode forward to capture Francesca.

Just when the soldiers were about to reach Francesca’s shoulders, a black figure suddenly appeared and dashed toward them like a sharp arrow.

An agonized shriek sounded behind Francesca. The next moment, blood splattered onto Francesca’s body.

Francesca’s eyes were filled with murderous intent when she opened them again.

Layla and Sloan’s death had already awakened something in her. She wouldn’t be as kind and merciful as she was before anymore, as it would only drag those around her down. I must become merciless and determined! I will spare no one who tries to hurt me anymore!

“It’s an eagle!” A soldier shouted.

The other soldiers regained their senses and started shooting at the eagle desperately.

At this moment, someone screamed in horror, “Oh my gosh!”

Upon hearing that, the female military officer turned around. She was dumbfounded when she saw what was happening.

In the sky, a cloud of dark creatures was rushing toward them. Not only that but there was also a hoard of wild beasts filled with murderous intent storming toward them.

Francesca stood still with her arms spread open as if she was a god who could summon every animal in the universe.

The birds and beasts lunged at the female military officers and the soldiers ferociously, tearing them apart and devouring them before they could even open fire.

Instantly, Francesca was covered in blood. She walked forward emotionlessly. However, she passed out and collapsed on the ground after only a few steps.

Ten minutes later, Gordon had just arrived at the site with his men. He was stunned when he witnessed the scene and exclaimed, “Ms. Felch!”

There was blood everywhere, and bodies were scattered all over the ground.

Mylo and the rest looked for Francesca and Sloan in an agitated manner but to no avail. At that point, they were all anxious.

Gordon said, “The animals were probably summoned by Ms. Felch, so she should be fine. Let’s head inside and search for her.”

“Yes, sir.”

With that, the group barged into the jail. Soon, they found Layla’s belongings and Sloan’s body inside the tunnel.

Perturbed by the discoveries, Mylo and the rest let out furious roars while calling out Sloan’s name with red-rimmed eyes.

Unfortunately, Sloan would never respond to them again.

Later, they found Zolt and Morty’s bodies in the dungeon.

Currently, they had already confirmed the deaths of Layla, Sloan, Zolt, and Morty. As for Francesca, she was still missing.

Gordon instructed his men to carry their bodies and belongings away before leading a group of men to search for Francesca nearby.

Yet, they failed to find her even until late at night.

Just when Gordon was about to assign his men to continue searching, Sean called to ask about Francesca’s situation.

Gordon stuttered as he informed Sean that Francesca had gone missing.

Utterly shocked, Sean covered the phone and asked softly, “How did that happen?”

“It’s a long story…” Gordon then explained the entire situation to Sean.

Sean panicked after hearing Gordon’s statement. “How can this be?”

“I regret this as well. Thinking back on this, I should’ve communicated with Sloan before this. I didn’t expect them to be so impatient. They didn’t even wait for me to return before rushing over to save Ms. Felch alongside Ms. Layla.” Gordon was filled with remorse. “I’m still searching for Ms. Felch around this area. I hope she’s fine.”

“You must find her. If not, when Mr. Lindberg wakes up…”

“I know.”

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