Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2274

Chapter 2274 Live Well

Francesca turned her head to look at Sloan as she ran away. Sloan gave her a charming smile before sliding down onto the ground with his back against the wall. Then, he aimed his guns in the direction of the pursuing soldiers.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! After a round of gunshots, Sloan sacrificed himself to slow down the chasing soldiers. The young man’s life ended instantly in the place that held Francesca captive.

“Sloan!” Francesca’s screams were full of anguish. She wanted to return to save Sloan, but Layla refused to let go of her grip on her. “Listen to me, Francesca. We’ve got to go.” Anxious, Layla pushed her forward. “Sam will lead you out of here.”

“Ms. Layla, we will leave together.” “I can’t walk. I will only slow you down if I tag along.” “But…”

“No buts,” Layla stopped her anxiously. “Zolt, Morty, and Sloan all sacrificed themselves for you. If you cannot leave this place in one piece, all of our efforts will go to waste. Run!”

“I would rather die with you than watch something happen to you before my eyes!” Guilt had eaten up Francesca when she watched Sloan die before her. She couldn’t bear to see anything bad happen to Layla now.

“You’re not alone. You are with child, so you’ve got to think about your baby!” Angered by Francesca, Layla pushed her forward forcefully. “Run!”

“Ms. Layla…” Francesca continued. Layla responded by slapping her. “Go now!”

Francesca’s body trembled as she cried, but she listened to Layla and left.

“Francesca!” Layla shouted behind her. “Live well!”

Tears streamed down Francesca’s face as she ran forward with all her might.

Layla finally heaved a sigh of relief after Francesca left. She had difficulty standing up as her leg was wounded. Knowing fairly well that she could not escape, the woman took a bomb out as she waited for the soldiers to catch up to her.

Francesca quickly found the way out, with Sam leading the way. After she passed through the long corridor, the woman finally arrived at the other end of the dungeon.

There’s light in front of the tunnel. I will be safe the moment I step out of this dark tunnel.

Suddenly, there was a loud explosion behind her.

A shudder ran through Francesca. She turned and saw the collapsing tunnel behind her. There was thick smoke everywhere.

Francesca froze, knowing that Layla was gone. Tears began flowing down her face as her heart shattered into many pieces.

I’ve never fallen into such despair before. My life has been smooth sailing all this while because I have extraordinary medical skills and the ability to summon animals. Even if I encounter any challenging situations, I can always solve them in the end. It seems like I’ve never faced any loss in the process. But now, those people who had always protected me—Sloan and Layla—had given up their lives in order to save me.

Intense pain took over Francesca’s body. Anger and hatred filled her heart.

I don’t understand. Why do they have to kill the innocent? I don’t understand why these people have to go after others’ assets when they already have so much power. I don’t understand why the world is like this. This is eating me! I’m just a regular doctor. How did I end up in this conflict and cost the life of my beloved Ms. Layla? What did I do wrong?

Francesca’s weak body wavered and almost fell to the ground. At that moment, she saw no hope in this world.

The woman was so caught up in her mind that she didn’t even notice the footsteps getting louder behind her.

“I’ve already told you that you won’t be able to escape, so why did you even bother to try?” mocked a female voice.

A female military officer caught up to Francesca with a group of soldiers behind her. They proceeded to point their guns at Francesca.

Francesca heard Layla’s familiar voice telling her, “Francesca, live well!”

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