Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2273

Chapter 2273 Leave Now

A crisp sound rang out as a gunshot hit Layla’s calf. Layla fell to the ground as blood flowed out of her leg. Sloan put himself in front of her. “Layla!”

The two supported each other as they tried to pick up their gun to fire back. Yet, there were dozens of guns and lasers aimed at their heads. There was no way for them to escape now.

“Stop! Stop!” Francesca hit on the cell’s metal door agitatedly. She wanted to stop the soldiers from continuing their rampage.

The military officer sneered as he pretended to speak politely, “Since Ms. Felch has asked us to stop, we will listen to her.”

Then, he took out Francesca’s phone and dialed a number. “Ms. Felch, you’ve been here for so long. I’m sure you missed Mr. Lindberg dearly. Why don’t you give him a call?”

Francesca stared at the phone. She wanted to know whether she could reach Danrique now.

As the phone was put on loudspeaker, the mechanical voice rang out then. “The number you’ve dialed is currently unavailable. Please try again later.”

“It seems like Mr. Lindberg doesn’t care about you.” The military officer frowned. “If that’s the case, these two people are worthless to us.”

He gestured for his subordinate to drag Layla and Sloan away.

“Let them go! Release them now!” Francesca hit on the metal door anxiously. However, nobody bothered to look at her.

The soldiers didn’t pay any attention to Layla and Sloan’s wounds as they forced them away. They slammed their guns on Sloan’s head when he tried to break free from their grasp.

Instantly, blood oozed out of Sloan’s head. Layla wanted to protect him, and that in turn, caused her to be the next target of their beating.

Francesca couldn’t suppress her anger anymore. She immediately used the summoning spell.

Sam rapidly flew in from the outside and coiled herself around the military officer’s neck. The military officer wanted to pull her away, but his attempt ended with a bite in his hand.

The man was so frightened he turned pale. He immediately screamed for others’ help.

Two soldiers came to his aid. They, too, got bitten by Sam when they tried to pull her away.

At the same time, a group of police canines rushed in. The soldiers thought these dogs were sent by their people, so they instructed them to catch Sam. Little did they expect the police canine to throw themselves at them.

The soldiers were toppled to the ground in a blink of an eye as chaos ensued at the scene.

The soldiers stationed in the surveillance room wanted to use their laser guns to end Layla and Sloan, but they stopped themselves for fear of hurting their comrades.

Meanwhile, a soldier fell to the ground near Francesca’s cell. She grabbed his gun and fired a few shots at the lock on her door.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The door was finally unlocked. Francesca ran over immediately to help Layla and Sloan up before the trio escaped hurriedly from the scene.

“Seize them!” The military officer commanded before falling to the ground with foam coming out of his mouth.

The remaining soldiers wanted to go after Francesca and the rest, but the police canines stopped them from doing so. The soldiers couldn’t help but wonder.

What? We own these police canines! Why are they protecting Francesca? These dogs are risking their lives now to ensure Francesca’s escape!

Francesca supported Layla and Sloan as they escaped, but it wasn’t long before she ran out of energy. She had been starving for the past few days. Plus, she had to help support the weight of the two casualties. It was only normal for her to feel weak quickly.

Sloan noticed the soldiers were catching up to them. He pushed Layla and Francesca forward and said anxiously, “Leave now, Ms. Felch.”

“No. I can’t leave you behind,” Francesca retorted as she tried to grab Sloan.

However, he pushed her away. “Leave! Run! If not, nobody gets to leave this place today. I’m Mr. Lindberg’s man. They won’t dare to do anything to me.”

“Sloan…” Francesca wanted to say something.

Layla interrupted, “Please don’t forget that you’re a pregnant woman. The most important thing now is for you to leave this place safely.”

With that, Layla dragged her away.

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