Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2272

Chapter 2272 It Is A Trap

William’s fingers rapped against the wheelchair’s armrest. He lowered his eyes. It was as if he was contemplating something as he said, “Nothing will happen to Francesca.”

Monica had no idea what was going on in his mind. Even though she was worried, there was nothing she could do. With that, she retreated to the side silently.

Hazel gazed at William. She couldn’t help but remark, “You are good at maintaining your composure…” William didn’t respond. It seemed like Hazel’s words had fallen on deaf ears.

“You’re meant to succeed.” Hazel smiled as admiration filled her eyes. “However, maybe I can read this as a sign that you don’t like Francesca as much as you portray yourself to be. There must be some kind of misunderstanding during your previous display of affection.”

“She is going to be fine,” William stated abruptly. His eyes were still lowered as if he had just said that to himself.

Hazel took that as the cue for her to leave him alone. She leaned against the sofa and continued scrolling through her phone. I’m waiting to see how things will turn out. Will Francesca leave the jail unharmed?

Layla and Sloan managed to find Francesca’s jail cell. When Layla saw the fragile-looking Francesca lying on the bed, she called out, “Francesca!”

“Ms. Felch!” Tears filled an agitated Sloan’s eyes.

Francesca thought her mind was playing tricks on her. She froze when she turned her head and saw Layla and Sloan. “You guys…”

“Let me rescue you from here, Ms. Felch!” Sloan aimed his gun at the cell’s lock before firing a few shots.

“Leave!” Francesca shouted.

The moment her words ended, countless lasers were aimed at Sloan and the rest.

Stunned by the turn of events, Layla turned around to see a few dozen fully armed soldiers rushing in with guns to surround them.

Even though they had already expected the outcome, Sloan and the rest were still frustrated to be apprehended so early in their rescue mission.

A subordinate thundered, “We are from the Lindberg family. Who dares to…”

A shot was fired at his head before he could finish his sentence.

The subordinate fell to the ground without any signs of struggle as life squeezed out of him in a second.

Horrified, Sloan screamed, “Zolt!”

“How could you…” Another subordinate gaped in disbelief. The Lindberg family was untouchable previously. No one dared to offend them. But now, it seemed like the Lindberg family was the target.

“How dare you guys trespass into the jail? Do you guys have a death wish?” The leading military officer roared.

“Don’t you guys do anything rashly!” Francesca supported her weak body as she walked over to the jail bar. She continued anxiously, “They have nothing to do with this. Do not harm these innocent people!”

“We won’t lay a hand on you, Ms. Felch. But it’s a whole different matter for these people.” The military officer mocked before pointing his gun at another subordinate of Sloan’s.

“Stop!” Francesca and Sloan’s voices rang out at the same time. However, the military officer did not pause his action. He pulled the trigger straight away.

“Morty!” A perturbed Sloan wanted to rush over and fight with the military officer.

Dozens of guns immediately aimed at his head.

Layla quickly shielded Sloan behind her. She scolded, “Danrique will be here soon. Do you guys still want to act so disorderly? Are you guys tired of living?”

“Let’s talk further when he is here.” The military officer waved his hand in command as his soldier prepared to fire at Layla and Sloan. Francesca yelled, “I would never let you guys off the hook if you guys hurt them!”


The loud sound of gunfire disrupted Francesca’s words. Sloan fell to the ground as the shot hit him in his knees. Blood began oozing out of his wound.

Francesca widened her eyes in disbelief.

I knew Mrs. President had already set up traps here, and it’s dangerous for anyone to trespass into this place. Little did I expect these people to be so bold. How dare they kill the Lindberg family’s men in front of me?

“Sloan…” Layla immediately tried to get Sloan up from the ground, but the guns were aimed at her now.

“Layla…” Francesca panicked. She grabbed the jail bar and grumbled, “Don’t you guys do anything to her. I swear I will kill you guys if you do so!”


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