Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2268

Chapter 2268 Pros And Cons

“Your Highness.” Monica gently patted William’s arm. Only then did he return to his senses and shift his gaze to Layla. “Don’t worry, Ms. Layla. Since Francesca is carrying Mr. Lindberg’s child, those people are more unlikely to harm her.”

“Didn’t you say that they would cut off Francesca’s food supplies? That’s harming her! She’s pregnant and she won’t last long if she doesn’t eat and drink.” Layla sounded somewhat impatient.

“Everything will be fine until Gordon returns. You don’t have to worry too much. Maybe you should go back and get sufficient rest. We’ll discuss the plan when Gordon arrives,” William assured.

“What a shrewd person you are, Your Highness.” With that, Layla left in a fit of anger. “Um… What does she mean?” Monica was at a loss as she watched Layla leave.

Saying nothing, William lowered his head and continued to sip his tea. Sloan chased after Layla and asked in a low voice, “Ms. Layla, what’s wrong with you?”

“Can’t you tell? Once he knew that Danrique was still alive, he just sat aside and did nothing. He’s now standing on the sideline, waiting for Gordon to come up with a plan. This kind of person is not only shrewd but also calculating!”

Sloan was stunned by her words. “Are you sure? I can tell he was quite anxious and had been racking his brain to save Ms. Felch. He even called us over.”

“That’s because he was worried that if something happened to Francesca, no one could cure his leg anymore. He summoned us to think of a way to save Francesca but stopped taking any move after he found out that Danrique was still alive and Gordon was already on his way back here.”

Layla paused before continuing, “He previously helped Hazel to expose Mrs. President and also created an uprising of public opinion. Probably he had spent a hefty sum on that. So once he knows that Danrique will save Francesca, he just sits aside and does nothing. This person is shrewd and scheming. He does things carefully and always weighs the pros and cons of the matter before getting himself involved.”

Layla shook her head and let out a sigh. “Luckily, the person Francesca falls in love with is not him. Otherwise, it would drive me crazy.”

“Don’t be mad, Ms. Layla,” Sloan comforted. “He has helped us a lot this time. We can’t blame him for not giving his best. After all, life has not been easy for him. He has many responsibilities and needs to leave himself a backup plan. Besides, Ms. Felch is Mr. Lindberg’s woman. Mr. Lindberg is supposed to be the person to save her. It’s fine if he holds back after knowing that Mr. Lindberg is still alive and as long as Ms. Felch can return safely.”

“You’re so kind. Francesca went all out to save him before, and Danrique had done a lot for him too. How can he be so particular, so mean?”

“Well, you can’t put it that way. Mr. Lindberg has indeed spent a lot to help him, but it didn’t affect Mr. Lindberg much as he has a large fortune. On the other hand, he, too, didn’t hesitate when saving Ms. Felch. I heard from Monica that he had given the Gold family thirty percent of his family fortune.”

“That’s nothing. Francesca risked her life to save him,” Layla said scornfully.

“That’s true.” Sloan’s expression darkened. “Mr. Lindberg might have been forced to help him, but it was different for Ms. Felch. She helped him because she valued their friendship. If it were me, I would give Ms. Felch my life, not to mention those little possessions.”

“That’s correct.” Layla looked at Sloan approvingly. “Businessmen help each other out of interest, but Francesca hopes for nothing in return when helping him. Any person with a conscience will give their everything to help, but he’s still thinking so far ahead. This is—”

“Perhaps he’s more confident in Mr. Lindberg than himself. Don’t be mad, Ms. Layla. Let’s go back first. He’s right. You should get sufficient rest and wait for Gordon’s arrival to discuss the plan.”

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