Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2267

Chapter 2267 Concern

“Prepare a private jet. We’re going back now.” Danrique tried to get up from the bed as he spoke.

Seeing that, Sean hurriedly supported him and advised anxiously, “Mr. Lindberg, you’ll fall into their trap if you go back now. The president and his wife are trying to force you to show yourself. You can’t be rash. Gordon has already brought some people over with him. He will definitely save Ms. Felch.”

“Even if he does save her, I still need to go back and stabilize the situation. Otherwise, things will only get worse.”

“But with your current condition, it will be perilous to go back now. Gordon can control the situation for a while. It’s not too late to go back after you’ve recovered from your injury. Aren’t you the one who taught me that a little impatience spoils great plans? Ms. Felch is enduring the humiliation for the greater good. You must remain calm and steadfast at a time like this.”

Those words managed to convince Danrique to stay.

Indeed, I’m now seriously injured. I won’t be able to deal with everything in this state. Perhaps I should slow down and wait for my wound to get better first. Those people won’t dare to do anything to Francesca as long as I don’t show up.

With that thought in mind, Danrique gradually calmed himself down. In Xendale, Francesca had not eaten anything besides drinking water for a whole day.

She began to miss the awful food back then. Even though it made her stomach churn, at least it could still fill her stomach, and she would not need to starve.

It was only the first day, yet she already couldn’t take it. Looking down at her flat belly, she wondered how long she would have to suffer.

It’s so strange yet wonderful. I still can’t feel anything, but Danrique’s baby is already growing inside…

Francesca was born with a congenital abnormality. Her master had told her that she had a hole in her heart, and her life force seemed tenacious but had a short cycle.

Even if she took good care of herself, she might not live longer than thirty years old. Childbirth was even riskier for her, and her pregnancy might end earlier than expected.

That was why she had never craved to get into a relationship, not to mention getting married and having children, until she met Danrique.

She lost all her rationality. She began not to think about the consequences of her actions and only cherished the present. Even a few years would be enough to make her life worthwhile.

However, she never thought that she would be pregnant with his child at that time. In other words, she only had little time left to be with Danrique.

She had never been afraid of death, but now, she suddenly became afraid. Every second had become precious to her. Without Danrique by her side, every passing moment was a waste.

At that moment, she only wanted to leave the damnable place, see him, and spend her last days with him. However, she knew she couldn’t risk barging out and getting him into trouble. She had to wait for the right time.

At the Lindberg residence, Layla asked anxiously, “How long do we have to wait? It’s been confirmed that Francesca is pregnant. We should go and save her now. What if that old hag hurts her?”

“Gordon told us not to be rash and wait for his return. They’re already on a private jet and will reach Xendale in seven hours,” Sloan replied grimly.

“Seven hours? Francesca could’ve died by then.” Layla wished she could just rush out to save Francesca when she heard that.

“Ms. Layla, calm down. His Highness will eventually figure out a way,” Monica tried to assure her. “Have you figured it out?” Layla looked at William.

Since Sloan contacted Gordon, William had been dilly-dallying. He had been sipping his tea quietly, seemingly thinking about something.

Hazel, on the other hand, was delighted after ascertaining that Danrique was safe. She returned to her room to rest, not caring about Francesca’s life.

Perhaps she wished for Francesca’s death. Only Layla and Sloan were concerned about Francesca at present.

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