Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2266

Chapter 2266 Force Him To Show Himself

In the castle, Sloan soon received a message: Francesca was pregnant. He held the phone in his hand and gasped in shock. “What is it? What did they say?” Layla asked anxiously.

“They said Ms. Felch is pregnant.” Sloan’s face was filled with disbelief. “What?” Layla was dumbfounded. She did not expect Francesca to be pregnant at such a critical moment at all.

“Uh…” Hazel, too, was shocked. She hurriedly unlocked her tablet and checked the news. “Forget about it.” William appeared rather calm as if he had already expected it. “The news is not announced to the public. They purposely inform the Lindbergs so that Sloan will convey it to Mr. Lindberg.”

“What do you think they’re doing? Are they trying to force Mr. Lindberg to show himself using this way?” Monica asked in confusion.

“There’s indeed no such news online.” Hazel stared at the tablet with a grim expression.

“Then what should we do? Is it true that Ms. Felch is pregnant? Or is it just a lie to deceive Mr. Lindberg?” asked Sloan, utterly stunned.

Just then, another text message came in. Upon realizing it was Francesca’s medical report, he hurriedly passed the phone to Layla.

“Looks like it’s true. Oh, no! Will they do anything to Francesca?”

“Not for the moment, I guess. But they will surely take action,” said William.

“What action?” Sloan asked promptly.

“They’ll cut her food supplies,” William predicted. “It’s the easiest way to overwhelm her without having to do anything,”

“What should we do now? Ms. Felch is pregnant. I’m afraid she can’t hold much longer,” Monica said anxiously.

“I’ll give Gordon a call.” Sloan was about to make the call when Gordon’s call came in. The latter said that he had already boarded a private jet back to Xendale.

Sloan immediately told him that Francesca was pregnant. Stunned by the news, Gordon quickly notified Sean.

On the other end of the line, Sean, holding the phone in his hand, froze after hearing the news. That was when Danrique’s voice rang out from the room. “Where’s Sean? Get him here.”

“Right away, Mr. Lindberg.” The subordinate went to find Sean. Sean swiftly hung up the phone and hurried to the room. “Mr. Lindberg, you’re awake.”

“Get a private jet ready. We’re going back to H City.”

Danrique was injured in the explosion and had been in a coma for half a month. Once he regained consciousness, the first thing he said was that he wanted to return to Xendale.

He hadn’t been back for a long time. Even though he asked nothing, he knew things in Xendale had probably changed.

“Mr. Lindberg…” Sean looked at him with a conflicted look. “We can’t go back now.”

“What happened?” Danrique asked.

Upon contemplation, Sean briefly explained, “The president and his wife are currently in control of the situation. Gerard is dead, and both Harrier and Kevin have betrayed us. It’s dangerous to go back now.”

“Where’s Francesca?”

Danrique did not care about those matters, or perhaps everything was within his expectation. He was only concerned about Francesca’s safety at that moment, knowing that she would become everyone’s target after something happened to him.

“Ms. Felch…” Sean dared not hide anything from him, but he wondered how he should deliver the news. “Speak!” Danrique growled.

“Ms. Felch has been arrested. She is accused of murdering Gerard. The police and the military department personally came to the castle to arrest her,” Sean said softly. He did not tell Danrique that Francesca was pregnant.

“Francesca was probably worried that she would get me involved if she escaped; that was why she chose to surrender.” Danrique clutched his chest and wheezed, “Otherwise, with her temper and ability, she could have fled.”

“Yes. That was what Sloan said too.” Sean nodded.

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