Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2265

Chapter 2265 Take Care Of The Baby

Seeing how angry the first lady was, Francesca immediately dropped the issue. “Looks like I made a wrong guess. If you’re not talking about Chrono, then I honestly have no idea who else there could be.”

“Speak any more nonsense, and I’ll rip off your mouth,” the first lady threatened. She was livid, feeling as if she had suffered the humiliation of a lifetime.

“Go ahead and try. Let’s see who’ll be the one ripping someone’s mouth off.” Francesca wasn’t intimidated at all. “You…” The first lady trembled with rage.

“Calm down, Mrs. President,” the female bodyguard murmured, holding a phone. “We received a call from home saying that Ms. Avery is awake. She’s throwing a tantrum right now…”

“Get them to hurry with the test results,” the first lady ordered. “Understood.” The bodyguard hurriedly went to urge them.

“How unfortunate.” The first lady was frustrated. “If not because Danrique’s whereabouts were unknown, I would have gotten rid of you.”

Francesca didn’t pay her any mind and continued eating. “How can you be eating at a time like this? Aren’t you worried about what you’re going to do if you’re pregnant?”

“What are you talking about?” Francesca responded nonchalantly. “If I’m pregnant, I’ll have to go out and take care of the baby.”

“Can you go out?” The first lady smirked. “You’ll just end up dying here.” “I look forward to it.” Francesca wasn’t scared at all.

“You’re so full of yourself.” The first lady found it ridiculous. “This place is impenetrable. Nobody can save you, and you won’t be able to escape, either.”

“The air quality here is pretty bad. I think you should cut the crap.” Francesca couldn’t be bothered. “You…” It was impossible for the first lady to win against her in an argument. All she could do was suppress her fury and continue to wait.

A while later, the doctor finally came in with the results. “The results are out, Mrs. President.” “Let me have a look.” She took the report, and her expression changed drastically. “Indeed…”

“She’s four weeks pregnant,” the doctor announced. “Seriously?” Francesca quickly asked. “Am I really pregnant? Don’t lie to me.”

“Have a look yourself.” The doctor handed the report over to her. Upon seeing the report, Francesca was dumbstruck. She had never imagined that she would get pregnant at a time like that.

“Is it Danrique’s child?” the first lady questioned. Francesca came back to her senses. “Isn’t it obvious?”

“Good, then.” The first lady sneered. “You alone aren’t enough to make him show himself. But now that you’re carrying a baby in your womb—”

“Obviously, the baby is not his,” Francesca added. The first lady was dumbfounded. “What did you just say?”

“I said the child isn’t Danrique’s. Don’t bother thinking about trying to threaten him with it.” “How could that be? If it’s not his, then whose could it be?”

“Don’t worry about that.” Francesca didn’t want Danrique to know that she was pregnant. If he had yet to show up, that meant something serious had happened. She didn’t want to make things harder for him right then.

“Do you really think I’ll believe you? Don’t worry. Danrique will come to save you very soon.” Then, the first lady ordered, “Don’t give her anything to eat from now on. All she can have is water.”

“Understood.” The guard lowered her head in obedience.

“Good luck taking care of your baby.” The first lady gave her a cold stare and turned to leave. “When she’s on the verge of death from starvation, take a video and send it to me. I’ll let Mr. Lindberg have a look to relieve his pain!”

“Understood.” Francesca watched as the first lady left and gritted her teeth in anger. A few guards came in to take the tea and snacks away without leaving anything for her.

She leaned against the bed and stroked Sam, wondering when she could get out of there.

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