Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2264

Chapter 2264 Pregnant

Abruptly, Francesca’s eyes shot open. She flipped over and sat up in a hurry. “What are you doing?” The assistants were startled. The doctor explained, “Don’t worry. We’re not going to hurt you. We just want to do a blood test.”

“A blood test? For what?” Before Francesca could go on, a few prison guards came in to hold her down. Sam, who was coiled around Francesca’s arm, was about to bite them. However, Francesca stopped it.

It wasn’t the right time for Sam to show itself. “We’re doing a test to see if you’re pregnant,” the first lady stated coldly. “Pregnant?” Francesca was dazed. “Are you kidding me?”

“You throw up every day, and you’re constantly tired. Those are symptoms of pregnancy,” the guard said feebly. “Mrs. President brought a doctor to give you a check-up. You should be thanking her.”

“Exactly.” The first lady sneered. “If you’re pregnant with Danrique’s child, I have to tell him the good news.”

Mixed feelings surged in Francesca’s heart. When the first lady said that, she suddenly remembered that her period had been late by a month. Besides that, her behavior had been abnormal as of late.

Could I really be…

Francesca hurriedly took her pulse, and her expression changed drastically.

As a traditional medicine practitioner, she was well aware of what her pulse meant. Even then, she could not believe that she was pregnant at a time like that.

The doctor had already come with medical staff to hold her down and draw her blood.

“I’m making you get a check-up for your own good,” the first lady said haughtily. “Just stay still and cooperate with us. It’ll be bad if we have to use force and end up hurting you.”

“Okay.” Francesca decided there was no point in resisting. She turned to the doctor and said, “You want to draw my blood, right? I’ll do it myself.”

The doctor glanced at the first lady, who nodded in response. He handed the equipment over to Francesca, who then drew a vial of her own blood. “Go ahead and do the test. Let me know when the results are out.”

“I’ll wait here for the results with you,” the first lady uttered as she took a seat on the chair outside. The doctor and his assistants left with the blood sample.

The prison guard served the first lady some tea. The first lady made a gesture, then the guard made a pot of tea for Francesca as well and even gave her some exquisite snacks.

“The food here is absolutely horrible. It should have been changed a long time ago.”

Francesca didn’t hold back. She drank the piping hot tea and began eating the snacks. “Aren’t you afraid that they’re poisonous?” the first lady asked while staring at her icily.

“What is there to be afraid of?” Francesca was totally unbothered. “If you poison me, you won’t have any leverage over Danrique.”

“You’re smart.” The first lady didn’t deny it. “Since you’re that smart, why don’t you take a guess why I captured you?” “To deal with Danrique, is it not?”

“That is one of the reasons.” The first lady shot her an eerie look. “Everything you’re going through right now is to repay your past sins.”

Francesca was stunned. “I don’t remember having done anything bad. What sins could I have committed?” “So, you’ve forgotten.” There was a hint of hatred in the first lady’s voice.

Francesca was totally confused. What did I forget? She tried to remember. Indeed, she had done nothing unforgivable before, nor had she made any enemies. The only exceptions would be Hazel and—

It was then that a figure flashed across Francesca’s mind. Chrono! “Are you talking about Chrono?” She stared at the first lady in shock. The first lady’s gaze flickered.

“Is Chrono your illegitimate child?” Francesca made a bold guess. “As if!” The first lady was so full of rage that her face went purple. “What nonsense are you spouting, you brat?”

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