Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2263

Chapter 2263 Shocking News

Sloan instantly gave Gordon a call. This time, it went through. He told him about the current situation and also mentioned William’s guess that the first lady had gone to jail with a doctor. They feared she was planning to poison Francesca.

Upon hearing that, Gordon was enraged. “How preposterous. Do they really think that Mr. Lindberg is dead?” “What do you mean? Is Mr. Lindberg still alive?” Sloan asked emotionally.

“Obviously,” Gordon thundered. “Go and stop them first. I’ll discuss this with Sean to see what we can do. Don’t let word get out that Mr. Lindberg is still alive. Don’t tell anyone that you contacted me, either.”

“Understood,” Sloan replied. “But Ms. Layla, Prince William, and Ms. Atkinson have probably known…”

He then proceeded to recount William’s plan and told him about why Hazel was in hiding at the Lindberg residence.

Gordon didn’t say much. He only warned him to keep it a secret, then hung up to go look for Sean so that they could discuss saving Francesca.

Sloan gave William and Layla a simple elaboration on the situation. William asked, “So, you managed to contact Gordon? That’s good, then.”

It was then that Layla realized that he was not as anxious as before. She belatedly realized that he might have done all that with the intent of finding out whether Danrique was alive or not.

If that were the case, William would invest everything into saving Francesca. If not, he might have some reservations.

At the thought of that, Layla couldn’t help but sigh to herself. He’s such a crafty man.

“What do we do now? Are we going to save her or not?” Sloan asked.

Layla simply looked at William without saying a word.

“Get things ready first. We’ll make a move when we hear from Gordon.” William pondered for a moment. “Why did Mrs. President go to prison with a doctor at a time like this?”

“Exactly.” Layla found it odd as well. “If she wanted to make a move on Francesca, she could have just used one of the prison guards or brought a subordinate of hers. Why did it have to be a doctor?”

“Ms. Felch can’t be sick, right?” Sloan asked anxiously.

“If that’s the case, then they can just get the medical staff in prison to deal with it,” Layla argued. “There’s no way that vicious woman would be so kind to bring a doctor to see Francesca. Did she bring a doctor there to threaten Danrique by cutting Francesca’s limbs off?”

“Don’t scare me like that, Ms. Layla.” Sloan was so terrified that the blood had drained out of his face. “If that’s how it is, then we should hurry up and do something. Let’s save her.”

William remained silent. He seemed to be contemplating something. “Everything has been prepared, Your Highness. Shall we leave now?” Monica asked, observing William’s expression.

Everyone looked at him, awaiting his reply. Hazel didn’t get it. He had been so anxious earlier, but right then, he was totally calm.

After a long while, William finally spoke. “I don’t think we need to do so. I believe we’re about to receive some shocking news soon…” “Shocking news?”

In the prison, the first lady was leaning against the bars as she stared at Francesca icily. Francesca was sound asleep. She did not know that there were people surrounding her.

For the past few days, she had been throwing up everything that she ate. She didn’t have an appetite at all, but she was incredibly fatigued. Even in an environment like that, she could fall asleep in no time and she could sleep very soundly.

“Are you sure she’s pregnant?” the first lady murmured to the female prison guard beside her.

“I’ve been observing her for a few days. Ever since she came here, she’s been vomiting every morning. Whatever she eats, she vomits. On top of that, she’s always tired,” the guard whispered. “The female prisoners who exhibited the same symptoms were always pregnant.”

“Give her a checkup,” the first lady ordered the doctor next to her.

“Okay.” The doctor brought his assistants in to draw some of Francesca’s blood.

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