Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2262

Chapter 2262 Make A Move

Upon returning to the castle, Layla started investigating what had happened to Avery. Right then, she knew why William had been looking into her all this time—there was a connection between Avery and Francesca.

If she uncovered the truth behind it all, she would be able to turn the tables. In the middle of the night, William suddenly shot up, rushed outside, and yelled, “Monica! Monica!”

Monica immediately came running in. “What is it, Your Highness?” “Get me the laptop. Quick!”

William got up, grabbed the laptop anxiously, and search through the news while holding his phone. Just before he dialed a number, he ordered, “Get Ms. Layla in here. Hazel, too.”

“Understood.” Monica immediately did as told. Layla was still awake. When Norah told her that William had summoned her, she knew that something was up. Hurriedly, she put on a coat and dragged Sloan with her as they drove over.

Meanwhile, Hazel did not get much sleep either. After the maid came to knock on the door, she quickly showered before changing and going to the study room.

At that moment, William was already sitting on the sofa with his phone in his hands. The laptop was balanced on his thighs, and there was a grim look on his face. When he saw them, he asked, “Is there any way for us to save Francesca first?”

“What’s wrong?” Hazel asked in shock. “Why are you asking all of a sudden?”

“Could it be that…” Layla’s face turned pale. “Are they going to make a move on Francesca?”

“Mrs. President’s hands are tied right now. That’s the only choice they have.” William frowned. “They’ll make a move on Francesca and use her wounds as leverage to force Danrique to show himself. They’ll also try to throw us into chaos.”

“Damn it.” Layla was fuming. “We should have gotten her out of there sooner.”

“Just calm down for now,” Hazel said in a rational manner. “This is all just speculation on your part. Maybe you’re just overthinking it. We haven’t gotten any news, right? Why don’t we ask first, then make a decision?”

“Go ask around about it,” William told Sloan. “All right.” Sloan quickly went to inquire about the situation.

“Get ready. We’re going to save Francesca,” William declared. He looked surprisingly serious and anxious. “We can’t let anything happen to her.” “Okay.” Layla instantly went to get ready.

“Calm down,” Hazel hurriedly said. “If we break in to rescue her at a time like this, then all our previous efforts will be in vain. Think about it. What are we going to do after we save her? Will she be able to escape from Xendale, or even from Erihal? Besides—”

“We don’t have the luxury to think about that right now,” William cut her off frantically. “If they find out that Francesca has special abilities, they’ll do horrible things to her.”

“That’s right!” Layla was all the more flustered. “Luckily, I sent Sam in to protect her last night. I also put a tracking device on it. We can use that to find Francesca.”

“Good job. Gather everyone and tell them to get their weapons. We’re going to save her.” “Your Highness…” Monica wanted to advise against it, but when she saw his gloomy gaze, she held her tongue.

“You guys are crazy.” Hazel was at a loss for words. “We haven’t gotten any news yet. This is all just speculation. It’s just a gut feeling, but you’re already sure that something’s happened to her. You’re even planning to break in and get her out. You guys are being too impulsive.”

She had just finished speaking when Sloan burst in. “Ms. Layla, Your Highness… Your guess was right, Your Highness. Mrs. President and Mr. Harrington have just made their way to jail. There’s even a doctor with them…”

“What is she trying to do?” Layla sprung to her feet. “If that old hag dares to lay a finger on Francesca, I’m going to make her pay!” As she spoke, she charged outside furiously. “Get everyone. We’re going to save Francesca!”

“Got it!” Sloan immediately went to gather the people. William had calmed down right then. He reminded Sloan, “Try calling Gordon first.”

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