Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2261

Chapter 2261 More Ruthless

After sitting on the bed for a while, Francesca finally saw Sam. It slithered in through the window and skillfully burrowed into her sleeve.

Francesca was delighted. Although she did not suffer much there, it was a boring stay. She was glad to have Sam’s company. She let out a howl to tell Layla that Sam had arrived.

Layla smiled in satisfaction and left with Sloan. Startled awake by Francesca’s howl, the prison guard yelled, “Why are you howling in the middle of the night?”

Francesca shot him a vicious glare. The prison guard shuddered and said hastily, “I-I’m sorry.” Immediately after saying that, he scurried away.

The guards had all heard about how the petite Chanaean young woman had all kinds of capabilities, so they would do anything to avoid crossing her, for even the slightest misstep might spell death for them.

Once the prison guard was gone, Francesca was the only one left in the cell. As she caressed Sam’s head, she mumbled, “Ms. Layla knows me best to have sent you here…” As she spoke, a wave of nausea hit her, and she nearly vomited. “The food in prison is horrible. I’ve been wanting to vomit for the few days I’ve been in here.”

The little green snake meekly rubbed its head against her cheek to console her. In the car, Layla said, “Francesca’s alone. She must be bored in there. I’m glad she has Sam to keep her company now.”

“You’re right.” Sloan’s heart ached. “I wonder how Ms. Felch is now. A prison is an appalling place. I wonder if she can stand it in there. She loves to eat, but I’m sure there isn’t anything good in there for her.”

“I just hope Danrique will be back soon.” Layla sighed. “Please let this episode end as quickly as possible.” Another person who was sighing was Sean, who was abroad. “I hope this ends soon…”

“How is Mr. Lindberg?” Gordon asked in a low voice.

“He’s doing much better. He was awake for a while today, and he was calling for Ms. Felch,” Sean said with a frown. “If he knew about Ms. Felch’s current situation, I’m sure he would want to get back immediately.”

“Are you planning to hide this from him?” Gordon asked. “What if something happens midway?”

“Mr. Lindberg has a trump card that will allow him to protect Ms. Felch in an emergency,” Sean said. “He’s so grievously injured right now. What do you think he can do even if he rushes back to her? He’ll only end up stepping right into their trap.”

“Yes, but if anything happens to Ms. Felch, I’m afraid Mr. Lindberg will be tormented by guilt for the rest of his life,” Gordon said, his expression grim.

“Don’t worry. The situation is stable now,” Sean reassured. “I would’ve sent you back first otherwise.”

“Yes. I heard about it too. Prince William was the one who assisted them,” Gordon said. “I was wary about him in the past, but who knew he could lend us a helping hand at a crucial time?”

“Mr. Lindberg and Ms. Felch are like his shield. If he wants to save himself, he will have to make a move,” Sean answered, sneering. “I’ve underestimated him. I’m surprised he managed to get Gold Group to manipulate public opinions. Impressive.”

“He must have spent quite a sum on this. After all, Gold Group is a money-grubbing being,” Gordon remarked. “Does Prince William have that much money?”

“You’re underestimating him. He has earned quite an amount over the years from his business. In fact, a part of it was from working with Mr. Lindberg,” Sean said. “All right, I’ll be watching over Mr. Lindberg here. You should find out more about what’s on the other side. Also, station the new wave of people Mr. Lindberg trained in Xendale first.”

“Of course.” Gordon headed off to work on that.

As Sean wiped the weak Danrique’s face with a wet towel, he sighed again. “You wouldn’t have gotten injured if not to protect us. No one in this world can hurt you if you can be a little more ruthless.”

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