Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2260

Chapter 2260 Sam Swallowed The Tracker

When Monica went to look for Layla, she saw that Sloan was about to take Layla out. Layla was throwing a large black backpack into the car, wearing a strange outfit. When she saw Monica, she asked warily, “What are you doing here at this hour?”

“His Highness asked me to look for you.” Monica hurried over to pass her Avery’s documents. After telling her a brief summary of the situation, she added, “I’ve asked my ex-partner to look into this, but he hasn’t been able to yield any results after a long time. His Highness is anxious about it, so he has sent me here to ask for your help.”

“You’re doing this to save Francesca, so this is no trouble. It’s my duty, really,” Layla replied, her tone softening. “You should have told me about this earlier. I’ll look into this now.”

“I thought my partner could find some lead on this…” Monica muttered. “You’re heading out, right? I shall take my leave, then.”

“I’ll look for you all when I have results. I’ll be off now.” With that, Layla got into the car with the documents.

After watching them leave, Monica drove back. Layla read Avery’s documents and mumbled under her breath, “That’s strange. Why does this girl look familiar to me?”

“Are you talking about the president’s daughter?” Sloan asked. “I heard from Gordon that she has been sickly since young, so she has never appeared in public. Have you seen her before?”

“No.” Layla shook her head. “I doubt I’ve seen her before, but there’s something familiar about her.” Once she finished reading all the pages, she stiffened. “Ms. Avery has congenital heart disease?”

“Yes.” Sloan nodded. “Ms. Felch even treated her a while back.”

“Not only does she have heart disease, but she also suffers from mental illness…” Layla continued skimming through the pages. “This is strange. Where have I seen her before?”

“Ms. Layla, let’s think about this later on and look for Ms. Felch first,” Sloan reminded. “Are you sure Sam will be able to find Ms. Felch? What if it doesn’t find her and even bites innocent people on its way there? Won’t that make things—”

“Don’t worry. I have a telepathic connection with Francesca. If she knows that I’m here, she’ll summon Sam.”


“Of course. Not only is Sam going there to protect Francesca, but it’s also scouting the path for us. If anything urgent pops up later, we can use this path to rescue Francesca.”


Soon, the two of them came to a hill near the prison.

Sloan stopped the car in the forest before pointing at the stone tower a short distance away. “Ms. Felch is imprisoned there, but I’m not sure which cell she’s in.”

“Are you sure she’s there?” Layla asked.

“Of course. Although Mr. Lindberg is currently missing, he is still a well-known, powerful man. It was easy to retrieve information from others.”


Layla looked up and let out a wolf’s howl.

Sloan was stunned to his core, for Layla’s imitation was almost perfect.

The guards on duty were alerted, and they began glancing around warily, thinking that there were wolves.

Meanwhile, Francesca, who had just fallen asleep, woke with a start. She clambered out of the bed to look out the window. She knew Layla was there.

That was because Layla’s wolf’s howl was not actually an imitation of a real wolf’s howl. There was a hidden message in it.

Layla continued to howl a few more times before asking Sloan to release Sam.

Quickly, Sam slithered in the direction of the prison.

Francesca, who had received Layla’s message, knew that Sam was on its way, so she made a low whistle to summon Sam to her side.

After watching Sam go, Layla asked Sloan, “Did you put the tracker on Sam?”

“I did,” Sloan answered timidly. “But Sam swallowed the tracker. Will it poop it out?”

“You had one job!” Layla huffed and glared at him.

“There was nothing I could do about that. Sam didn’t want to listen to me, and I didn’t dare to hurt it,” Sloan muttered aggrievedly.

“Forget it. It’s good enough that it swallowed it.”

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