Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2258

Chapter 2258 Protect Her

“What a great move!” Layla exclaimed as she smacked her thigh. “First, you had Hazel hold a press conference to explain what happened so that the people would know the truth and where to put their doubts.

Then, you created an accident before Mrs. President can counterattack. After that, you directed the people’s attention to the matter and made them turn on her. Then Hazel came back to the Lindberg residence to hide. That way, she’d be safe.”

“We’re simply giving them a taste of their own medicine.” William curled his lips. “We’ll counterattack in the same way they’ve attacked us.”

“Brilliant thinking, Your Highness.” Hazel was thoroughly impressed by William. “Harrier and Mrs. President would never expect me to be in the Lindberg residence.”

“Indeed,” William affirmed with a smile. “Be at ease and just stay here. It’s safe here.” “That’s right.” Monica nodded fervently. “Even if they know that you’re here, they won’t dare to do anything to you.”

“But…” Layla seemed to be worried. “Let Ms. Atkinson stay at my place,” William said, instantly figuring out what was on Layla’s mind. “It’ll be more convenient for me to discuss with her the next steps of the plan.”

“Yes,” Hazel agreed, realizing what Layla was worried about as well. “Besides, this is Mr. Lindberg’s residence. It won’t be right for me to move in without his permission.”

“Good, good.” Layla nodded. “I’ll have Norah make arrangements for a few maids to take care of you there.” “Thank you,” William replied, smiling. “Ms. Layla, we’ll go over now, then. Please summon us anytime you need anything.” “Of course.”

After watching them leave, Layla went into the house. Sloan asked, “Ms. Layla, are you worried that Ms. Atkinson would steal the seal?”

“You’ve gotten smarter,” Layla commented, chuckling. “Although I know it’s unlikely for her to do that, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Francesca entrusted this house to me before she left. I have to keep it safe for her.”

Sloan nodded. “But it looks like Prince William and Ms. Atkinson truly want to help us out. Now, everyone is pointing fingers at Mrs. President. It’s an advantageous situation for Ms. Felch.”

“Precisely,” Layla said wistfully. “We have to thank William for this, but somehow, something tells me that he’s not a simple man. Perhaps you can think of me as someone petty, but regardless of everything, I have to keep my guard up around him.”

“Anything you say,” Sloan said obediently.

“By the way, have you contacted Gordon and the others?” Layla asked.

“Not yet. I don’t know why, but I can’t reach him at all,” Sloan muttered despondently. “I’ve lost contact with the others too. Did something really happen to Mr. Lindberg?”

“Shush! Don’t say such unlucky things.”

“Of course!” Sloan smacked his mouth in penance. “I wonder how Ms. Felch is now. I was thinking of getting someone familiar to take care of her there, but I found out that the ones who are watching over her are all Mrs. President’s men. None of our people could get in there.”

“Looks like they’re guarding the place rather strictly.” A pause later, Layla said smugly, “But there will always be loopholes. I’m not good at strategizing, but I’m one of the best in prison breaking.”

“Uh, are you thinking of helping Ms. Felch escape?” Sloan’s eyes lit up. “I’ll prep for that right away!”

“Wait.” Layla stopped him. “She can’t run now. This isn’t a good time. She can’t leave yet, or else they’ll assume that she’s making a run for it because she’s guilty.” “Then…”

“I’m worried about her being bullied,” Layla said. “What about this? Find out where she’s being held, and I’ll send something to her.” “Huh? Will that work?”

“Of course it will.” Layla grinned. “We’ll send Sam in to protect her.” “Okay. I’ll summon Sam immediately.”

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