Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2257

Chapter 2257 Wheels Within Wheels 2

“Well, that makes sense.” Harrier frowned. “She was involved in an accident immediately after giving her speech at the press conference. No wonder people would think it has something to do with you.”

“What on earth is going on now?” The first lady was distraught. “Have you found out who did this?”

“I sent someone to follow Hazel when she left the company, but they lost her very quickly…” Harrier furrowed his brows. “Soon after that, I heard something happened to her.”

“The news is spreading fast, and the public opinions are now against me.” The first lady started to panic. “Who is behind this? Could it be Danrique?”

“I don’t think so.” Harrier’s expression changed drastically. “His life and death are uncertain, and he can’t even take care of himself now. He can’t possibly get so many things done.”

“Then who could it be? Who else could it be…”

“Could it be him?” Harrier thought of someone.

“Who?” the first lady hurriedly asked.

“Prince William.” Harrier frowned. “Although I know very little about him, I always feel that he is not a simple man. Something happened to Danrique, Francesca went to jail, and Sean is not in Xendale. Sloan and the boys are incapable of doing such a thing. Only one person from the Lindberg family is capable of plotting this whole thing behind our backs…”

“How is that possible?” The first lady did not see William as a threat at all. “He’s just a wastrel who was kicked out by the royal family of Danontand. He’s not capable of making any remarks in Erihal at all. If he was truly that capable, he wouldn’t have been bullied by his cousins.”

“This…” Harrier could not respond for a moment. She’s right. William has always been bullied by his cousins. Everyone in the upper echelon of society knows that. Besides, Hazel’s accident requires not only planning but also asking for a favor from the media and arranging the explosion… Even if William is crafty and shrewd, he doesn’t have the connection and ability to buy off the media to fight against the first lady.

“Check it out and report to me as soon as there’s any information,” the first lady instructed.

“Got it.” Harrier immediately left to investigate this matter. As soon as he got into the car, he said to his subordinate, “Check with the prison if Francesca has escaped and if she has contacted anyone outside.”

“I’ve checked with them, and I was told that they’ve been monitoring her closely in the prison. Besides the basic living facilities, there are no communication channels in her room. She couldn’t possibly contact anyone outside. Although they have let her watch the news today, the computer is placed outside. She could only watch it through the bars of the prison…” the subordinate carefully recounted the results of the investigation.

Harrier was very confused. If it is neither William nor Francesca, who could it be?

Meanwhile, in the prison, Francesca was lying leisurely on the bed, crossing her legs and eating an apple.

It was true that she could not contact anyone outside. However, the female prison guard had deliberately shown her Hazel’s news today to make her angry, but who would have thought that there was an unexpected turn of events?

At that time, Francesca was shocked too. She could still vividly remember that Hazel hated her on the day she was arrested. Why did she change her mind all of a sudden?

After that, Francesca thought about it carefully. Perhaps William had found a way to reveal the truth to Hazel. She knew that her father’s death had nothing to do with Francesca and that it might have something to do with the first lady, so she changed her mind.

As long as the tables had turned, that meant that things were looking up.

Francesca was in a bright mood now. She was waiting for good news and hoping they would release her straight away.

Meanwhile, in the Lindberg residence, Sloan was leading a woman who was wearing a black cloak to the study. Layla turned around, and the woman took off the hood of the cloak. Layla was stunned. “It’s you.”

“Ms. Atkinson.” Monica was also surprised. “So you…”

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