Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2256

Chapter 2256 Wheels Within Wheels

“Harrier… Harrier…” Kevin called out a few times. Harrier ignored him and walked out without hesitation. He even said to some of the people from the upper management outside, “Please find Mr. Yarrow for the matters regarding the seal. I’ll take care of the public opinion.”

“Yes, Mr. Harrington!” The senior executives all came to Kevin with documents in their hands, saying that they were urgent and needed approval from him to commence the project. Otherwise, they would lose over a hundred million every day.

Kevin was placed in a difficult situation because of Harrier, and he could only bite the bullet and say that he would try everything to get the seal.

However, after regaining his composure, Kevin felt something was off. Harrier had let him deal with the hot potato while he went to please the president and the first lady himself. In the end, all the benefits would go to Harrier while he would get nothing at all.

As he was pondering about it, his phone suddenly rang. It was a call from Hazel. He quickly answered the call. “Hello, Hazel…”

“Mr. Yarrow, help me,” Hazel shouted in panic.

“What? Hazel, what’s going on? Hazel—” Before Kevin could even finish his sentence, there was the sound of an explosion on the other end of the phone, and the call was disconnected.

Kevin was utterly stunned and only regained his senses after a while. He immediately called Hazel, but he couldn’t reach her anymore. He tried to call Hazel’s bodyguard, but to no avail as well.

He then called Harrier, whose phone was on hold the whole time. After that, he had someone go to the Atkinson residence to check the situation.

Half an hour later, his subordinate called and said, “Mr. Yarrow, Ms. Atkinson’s car exploded on the flyover just now…” “What?” Kevin was shocked. “Where is she?”

“The car fell into the river after the explosion. The police are recovering the body…”

“The body?” Kevin was so frightened that he slumped down on the sofa. In just seven days, the father and the daughter of the Atkinson family were gone.

If Danrique’s high position had threatened the president from taking the reins, what about the Atkinson family? What had they done wrong?

Gerard had always followed orders and had been unopinionated. He had always been under the thumb of the president and his wife, who had poisoned him to death in the end to convict Francesca.

Now, Hazel ended up in such a situation because she had discovered the truth, told the media everything that had happened, and confronted the first lady.

Kevin was worried that if he did not do as the president and his wife said in the future, he would die too.

Now that Danrique’s survival was still hanging in the balance and Gerard and Hazel were dead, Kevin doubted if he could remain unharmed.

The more Kevin thought about it, the more afraid he was.

Soon, the news of Hazel’s accident spread like wildfire.

Various major media outlets reported the news of the explosion with clear photos and videos.

The conclusion was that her life and death remained unknown, and her body was not found.

These words left rooms for the imagination of the people. How could her life and death be judged when her body was not even found?

This soon caused an uproar on the internet, and public opinions erupted like a volcano. After all, Hazel had just recounted the entire incident at the press conference. They believed that the first lady had something to do with this matter.

However, Harrier had interrupted her before she could even finish her words. After that, the press conference had been forced to stop and what followed in less than one hour was the news of her accident.

The entire thing seemed to be interrelated. It was not surprising that people would associate this matter with the first lady.

After all, the other suspect, Francesca, had already been arrested. It was impossible for her to make a move against Hazel, so all fingers were now pointed toward the first lady.

The enormous waves of public opinion could not be suppressed at all. Kevin was terrified. He hid in his home, not daring to see anyone.

Meanwhile, Harrier, who had heard the news, immediately went to the presidential palace. Upon learning about the entire situation, the first lady was shocked. “How could this be? I haven’t even done anything yet.”

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