Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2255

Chapter 2255 Terror

Harrier questioned Hazel, “Hazel, are you crazy? The fact that Francesca released her snake to poison your father to death was clear as day! What does it have to do with Mrs. President? Who brainwashed you to act like a lunatic?”

Hazel lifted her head to look at Harrier. “Harrier Harrington. “You weren’t present when the incident occurred, and you didn’t examine my father’s body or investigate the case after the incident occurred. Do you even understand what’s going on? Why do you insist that this has nothing to do with Mrs. President?”

“What reason does she have to do this?” Harrier threw the question back at her. Kevin chimed in, “He’s right. Why would Mrs. President want to kill your father? She has no reason to do so.”

“There’s no need for me to explain her motive for murdering my father because both of you know it better than I do. We’re all clear on the situation, so let’s not pretend to be dumb.” Hazel stared at them with annoyance. “You—”

Hazel uttered furiously, “You guys assume that by cornering Mr. Lindberg and placing the Lindberg family in the president’s control, you’ll reap more benefits. I think that’s just a foolish fantasy. Since the president used such unscrupulous methods to deal with Mr. Lindberg, he can use similar methods to deal with us in the future. Once the Lindberg family is completely under their control, we would have served our purpose, and we would meet our doom!”

Upon hearing those words, Kevin’s expression changed greatly as his eyes darted around amidst his state of panic.

“I think that there’s something wrong with your brain.” Harrier paid no heed to Hazel’s words. “Why are you spouting nonsense? Everything happened because the two of you are competing over jealousy! Why must you drag the president and his wife into your sordid affairs?”

“Why are you still putting on an act? What’s the point?” Hazel couldn’t be bothered to reason with them anymore. “It’s only natural that you think you’re the greatest beneficiary. After all, someone will have to take charge of Lindberg Corporation in the future. The Atkinson family has fallen, Mr. Lindberg is no longer here. and Mr. Yarrow isn’t presentable. Hence, you’ll be the one at the helm. However, do you really wield any substantial power? You’ll be a puppet at most.”


Harrier wanted to retort her, but Hazel could not care less and had already walked away.

As Harrier stared at her retreating finger, his face turned red with rage. He then gestured at his subordinate to follow Hazel.

His personal subordinate immediately brought his men along and trailed after Hazel.

When Kevin saw that, he was flustered, and his expression grew all the more complicated.

Harrier patted Kevin on the shoulder and consoled him. “Mr. Yarrow, don’t listen to that brat’s words. She is trying to frighten you.”

Alas, Kevin was terrified and uneasy. “No, her words make sense. Think about it! Danrique is such a mighty person but has been destroyed by the president and his wife so easily. If the president wants to target us in the future, wouldn’t it be as easy as crushing an ant? We tried so hard to cooperate with them and target Danrique. However, when the president has control of Lindberg Corporation, will he kick us to the curb?”

Harrier chuckled. “You’re overthinking. Lindberg Corporation is a large company. Someone needs to take charge of it. We are the most familiar with the company’s operations, so how can it operate without us? That aside, even if the president wants to gain control of Lindberg Corporation, he would have to do so behind the scenes. We will still be in charge of it superficially. Otherwise, what will the public say about them?”

“That’s true.” Kevin heaved a sigh of relief.

Harrier patted the other man’s shoulder again. “Don’t overthink. I need to tie up some loose ends. You should find some time to go to the Lindberg residence to get their legal seal.”

“How am I going to pull that off?” Kevin’s face turned pale with fright. “That Francesca girl has got a bunch of flying and prowling beasts to look after the place. My men will be devoured by the animals before they can even step foot into the castle.”

Harrier did not hesitate to pressure Kevin. “Come up with a plan! I’ll leave this matter to you. I still have to meet Mrs. President. All the best!”

Thereafter, Harrier hurried away.

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