Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2254

Chapter 2254 Acrimony

The press conference and livestream were quickly put to an end while the news channel was immediately switched to another entertainment-based channel. It was as if they were trying to conceal something.

Even though someone was trying to stop the news from spreading, the news was live. Hence, whatever Hazel had said earlier was broadcast directly to everyone through the cameras. The first lady was enraged. She called Hazel, but Hazel’s phone was switched off.

Thus, she immediately called Harrier and demanded to know what was happening. “What’s going on? Is Hazel crazy? How dare she spout nonsense in the live stream?”

“Mrs. President, I have already terminated the press conference. We’re trying to prevent the situation from escalating. Please rest assured. I will take care of this matter,” said Harrier in a low, consoling voice.

“This crazy woman!” The first lady was livid. “Has she lost her mind? Make her pick up the phone!”

“Please wait.” Harrier walked to the office next door and handed the phone to Hazel while informing her, “It’s a call from the first lady.”

Hazel took the phone and said “hello,” but before she could continue speaking, the first lady’s agitated yells traveled from the other end of the line.

“Hazel Atkinson! Have you lost your mind? How dare you utter nonsense on the live news broadcast? Don’t you know how serious the consequences are?”

“The consequences? I’m only relating the events that have happened. What consequences are you talking about?” said Hazel coldly, interrupting the first lady coldly.

The first lady froze upon hearing that. She did not expect Hazel, who had always been timid and subservient around her, to speak to her with such a rude tone.

She’s behaving strangely!

All of a sudden, the first lady softened her tone. “Hazel, has anyone told you anything? They are trying to drive a wedge between us. You can’t fall for their tricks—”

Hazel retorted, “Fall for their tricks? What tricks? Whose tricks? Why is someone controlling our doctor? Who is controlling him? Why did the forensic pathologist in charge of examining Daddy’s corpse disappear suddenly? Why can’t we find him? Why was Daddy’s corpse cremated so suddenly yesterday night? Who gave the order to do so?”

She fired a string of questions in one breath. Even Kevin, who was beside her, was dumbfounded. Harrier’s expression changed drastically as well. He then ordered all subordinates to leave the room and personally closed the door to the office.

The first lady was utterly befuddled, for she did not expect Hazel to ask those questions at that juncture. She knew that the truth could not be hidden forever, but she was caught by surprise, for her lies were exposed far too soon.

“Mrs. President…” Hazel narrowed her eyes and asked gloomily, “Was my dad really poisoned by Francesca’s snake? Or was he poisoned by you?” When Kevin heard those words, he jumped in fright and almost fell off the chair.

The first lady berated, “Hazel Atkinson! Are you crazy? How dare you suspect me? I don’t know who planted this idea in your mind, but I had only arranged for Francesca to meet you and your father out of goodwill. What happened next has nothing to do with me!”

“Since it has nothing to do with you, why did you instigate me to hold a press conference? Why did you personally arrange for a forensic pathologist to conduct an autopsy on my father? Why must you give the order for my father’s body to be cremated in advance?” Hazel demanded agitatedly.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” The first lady refused to admit anything. “What evidence do you have to prove that I did all that? I’m just someone who has spare time on my hands, and taking care of my daughter is the only thing I do every day. I expressed my concern when I found out that your father had passed away, but you framed me with a groundless accusation…”


“If you have any evidence to prove that I did anything illegal, you can go to the Ministry of Law to lodge an accusation against me. Otherwise, shut your mouth. How dare you slander the first lady? You must be tired of living!”

Upon admonishing Hazel harshly, the first lady hung up right away.

Gripping the phone, Hazel trembled with anger. She had long since known that the first lady would not easily admit to the crime, but judging from the latter’s antsy attitude, Hazel could tell that her father’s death was definitely related to the first lady.

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