Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2253

Chapter 2253 Retaliation

She seemed to have recalled something and had a look of terror on her face. “Where’s my baby? Where did my baby go? My baby…”

“Avery…” The first lady hugged her daughter immediately and tried to comfort her. “You’re overthinking. You don’t have a baby. You’re still young.”

“That’s not true…” Avery cradled her own head and said in agony, “I have a baby. She’s really adorable, but someone killed her…”

“No. That’s not true…”

The first lady quickly consoled her daughter while shouting for help. “Someone, get the doctor here at once. Quick, get the doctor here!”

The maids summoned the doctor at once. Soon, the doctor arrived and gave Avery an injection, making her fall asleep within seconds.

The first lady could feel her heart aching as she stroked her daughter’s cheek and said, “My poor girl, don’t be scared. I will definitely avenge my grandchild.”

“Mrs. President, look! Hazel is…” the first lady’s assistant pointed at the screen and exclaimed suddenly.

The first lady turned to look at the screen at once.

Hazel was narrating the events of that day with tears streaming down her face.

“That day, it was the first lady who had asked my father and me to meet Ms. Felch. Mrs. President left halfway through the meeting, and after that, my father and Ms. Felch had an argument. Ms. Felch’s snake had almost bitten my father, but she had summoned her snake back in time. My father did not feel any pain at that time. When we left, he was still all right. However, two hours after we reached home, the poison in his body started acting up… I called our family doctor at once, but the doctor took a long time to arrive. When he finally arrived, my father had already passed away. I called the police right away. After examining my father’s body, the forensic pathologist concluded that my father had died from snake venom. When I heard that, Ms. Felch came to my mind at once. However, I have just found out that the doctor was under someone’s control, and that’s why he was late for half an hour. Moreover, the forensic pathologist was also working for the first lady. Last night, I sensed something amiss and wanted to reexamine my father’s body. However, I was informed that my father had already been cremated! The circumstances of my father’s death are just too suspicious. I don’t know who I can seek justice from, but I hope to find out the truth and make sure that the real culprit gets their deserved punishment so that my father can rest in peace.”

“Ms. Atkinson, are you trying to say that it wasn’t the future Mrs. Lindberg who caused your father’s death?” a reporter asked at once. “Are you suspecting that someone else was behind it?”

Hazel replied tearfully, “I shall leave that to the police to investigate. I just wanted to share what happened that day. As for who the real culprit is, I really have no idea.”

“Hazel, what are you talking about?” Kevin stopped Hazel from speaking further. “You’re insinuating that it’s Mrs.—”

Before the man could complete his sentence, he was interrupted by Harrier.

Harrier glanced at Hazel thoughtfully before standing up and announcing, “Everyone, Ms. Atkinson probably doesn’t know what she’s talking about as she’s still grieving over her father’s death. Please forgive her and ignore everything she said just now.”

While speaking, the man gestured to his subordinates to stop the live broadcast immediately to prevent the news from spreading.

However, that made it more obvious that he was trying to hide something. At once, the reporters swarmed forward to take pictures of him while asking him some difficult questions.

“Mr. Harrington, given that Ms. Atkinson was personally involved in the incident, she would surely know what happened. Why did you claim that she didn’t know what she was talking about? Are you trying to cover up something for someone?”

“Exactly. Are you trying to cover up the truth for Mrs. President?”

“Mr. Harrington, it doesn’t seem like Ms. Atkinson wants to end the press conference. Why would you want to end it? Are you scared of offending someone?”

“Mr. Harrington, it was rumored that you’re very close to the first lady. Is that true?”

“Mr. Harrington, since Mr. Lindberg is no longer around, are you taking over his position? Are you hoping that he will never return?”

“Mr. Harrington…”

“Shut up, everyone. Just shut the f*ck up!”

Harrier, who was usually calm and composed, flew into a rage under the reporters’ relentless questioning. It was only then that he noticed that the reporters who were present that day were all unfamiliar faces. It seemed to him that someone had deliberately

it was someone’s intentional doing.

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