Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2252

Chapter 2252 The Plan

Moving forward, everything went according to William’s plan. The next day, Hazel held a press conference at Lindberg Corporation. She intended to update the media on her father’s poisoning and had even invited Kevin and Harrier to attend the event.

Everyone assumed that she was going to openly disclose Francesca’s offense. After all, to that very day, none of the media reporters had reported the incident in detail, and none of the people involved had spoken about it publicly.

As such, it was natural for Hazel’s press conference to cause a great stir. After all, she was the daughter of the victim, and she was about to share her side of the story.

One hour before the press conference, Hazel shared the event on her social media and urged everyone to watch the live broadcast.

The first lady even shared Hazel’s post on purpose because she was the one who hinted at the woman to hold the press conference.

Verily, various media outlets were competing to report news about the first lady sharing Hazel’s post. Currently, all fingers were pointed at Francesca, and everyone was waiting to see how she would be punished.

Word had also gotten to Francesca, who was detained at the detention center.

As judgment had not been confirmed yet, the woman was not yet imprisoned but was held at the detention center instead. She had a room to herself. Although it was rather shabby, it was at least clean and convenient.

The female officer who was on duty at the detention center that day had specially given Francesca a laptop so that she could catch the live broadcast.

Francesca was inundated with disdain when she found out that Hazel had called for a press conference, for she too, assumed that the purpose of the conference was to disclose her offenses.

However, at the same time, she was worried that Danrique would see the news and find out that she had been caught. If he ended up rushing back impulsively, he would fall into those people’s trap.

Meanwhile, in the Lindberg family’s castle, Layla, William, and the others were also waiting for the live broadcast to begin. The press conference started punctually at two o’clock in the afternoon.

After Hazel walked on stage, she bowed and thanked the reporters for their attendance before making a speech to commemorate her father. Then, she started to narrate that day’s events.

At the same time, the first lady and Avery were also watching the live broadcast at the presidential palace.

Avery stared at the screen with a frosty expression and asked, “Mommy, would that dumb woman, Hazel, tell everyone that you were the one who had asked them out?”

“Nope,” the first lady replied confidently. “I’ve already reminded her long ago that she should never mention my name. I told her to tell everyone that it was Francesca who had initiated the meeting with her and her father.”

Avery sneered and said, “That’s good to know. Being obedient is the only thing Hazel’s good at.”

“That’s right. She had never dared to retaliate no matter what we did to her.” The first lady snickered icily before continuing, “Yesterday, I told her that I had cremated her father, and she merely accepted it without asking any questions.”

“Haha. We have to teach that sl*t more lessons so that she would learn to obey us,” Avery said with a smug smile on her face. “But, Mommy, since Francesca had already been captured, why is there a need to complicate things further? Can’t we just sentence her to death straight away? After she dies, I’m sure Danrique will marry me.”

The first lady’s gaze flickered slightly before the woman quickly made up an excuse to placate her daughter. “You know how smart Danrique is. As such, we need to find a scapegoat. He would definitely investigate the matter to find out the truth when he comes back, and if he knows that I was the one behind it, he would definitely resent me.”

“That’s true.” Avery nodded before saying, “Well, we shall let Hazel be the scapegoat then. She seems to be the perfect candidate for that.”

“Exactly.” The first lady patted her daughter’s head and said, “Avery, just have a little more patience. Francesca is going to die very soon. Don’t worry.”

“OK…” Avery fixed her gaze on the screen as an infatuated smile appeared on her face. “Danrique is going to marry me after she dies. I’m going to marry him and give him lots of babies… Babies?” At the mention of that word, Avery’s expression suddenly changed.

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