Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2251

Chapter 2251 Future Rival

However, my father was a fool. Before I left, I reminded him not to create trouble, but he didn’t listen to my advice. He kept falling for Kevin and Harrier’s instigation and did what Mrs. President told him to do. No matter what, Danrique protected me and my family. He will spare my family as my father is dead.

Hazel belatedly realized what Danrique had done for her. He was a loyal and caring man despite his indifference. That was precisely why many people were willing to work for him at all costs.

He would never ignore his subordinates even in the most critical moment. As his assistant, she was also under his protection. So…

Something occurred to Francesca as she asked hastily, “Does Mr. Lindberg have another way to protect Francesca?”

“That isn’t your concern.” William had expected that, too. “What we need to do now is to help Danrique turn the tables.” “Okay. I’ll do as you say.”

Hazel trusted William completely. She knew he wanted nothing more than to save Francesca and Danrique as they were the ones who would protect him. William smiled. “Good. Now, listen carefully.” “All right.”

Throughout the journey, William didn’t hold back in teaching Hazel what to do next. After hearing his plan, Hazel said in admiration, “Aside from Mr. Lindberg, you’re the most astute person I’ve ever seen!”

“You flatter me, Ms. Atkinson,” came William’s calm answer. “Let’s work together to help L and Francesca weather the crisis together.”

“Okay!” Back at home, Sloan told his subordinate to settle everything else and went to Layla, informing her about everything that happened.

Layla remained at home to stay guard there, but she reminded Sloan to update her if anything important had happened.

She knew William was doing his best to help Francesca and Danrique, but that didn’t stop her from keeping an eye on him. After all, lives were at stake.

Sloan revealed every single detail to her, including William’s conversation with Hazel in the car. Those who received special training like him had a good memory.

After hearing that, Layla praised, “Oh, how clever of William. He knew I had my guard up and put Hazel on speaker mode so you could listen to their conversation. It looks like he genuinely wants to save Francesca and Danrique. At the same time, it also shows how astute he can be. I think he is as good as Danrique. Never mind if they remain friends. If he becomes Danrique’s enemy one day, the consequences will be horrible.”

“They won’t become enemies, will they?” Sloan asked meekly. “After all, there isn’t any conflict of interest between them.” “You’re right.” Layla nodded. “Competition in business is nothing to them. I’m just afraid that…”

“Afraid of what?” Sloan probed. “I’m afraid someone will get jealous of Danrique for having such a strong helper and sow discord between them,” Layla muttered.

“They are capable men, so I don’t think they will fall for that easily.” Sloan didn’t think much about it. “Besides, Mr. Lindberg and Ms. Felch saved him many times. He should be grateful for their help.”

“Forget it. You won’t understand, anyway.” Layla stopped talking about them. “Just put your guard up at all times. Remember to tell me everything that happened when I’m not around, okay?”

“Got it.” Sloan nodded fervently. “I might be stupid, but I know you’re Ms. Felch’s closest relative. When she isn’t around, you’re in charge!” Layla burst out laughing. “You’re not a fool after all!”

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