Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2250

Chapter 2250 Realization

After her father died, the forensic pathologist insisted his cause of death was snake venom. During her moment of shock and grief, she promptly lost all reason and focused on seeking revenge for her loved one.

It’s obvious that I’ve been used. Someone else must be behind my dad’s death!

“Someone must’ve arranged for the forensic pathologist to say that,” William reminded her. “If you don’t trust him, you can hire a trusted forensic pathologist to examine your father’s body again, but…”

“But what?” Hazel demanded anxiously after regaining her composure. “I’m afraid it’s too late,” William revealed with a frown.

Hazel turned pale in shock. She pulled her phone out to call her assistant hastily. “Go to the police station and get my father’s body back now! Hurry!”

“Yes!” Her assistant got to work immediately. “Your Highness, please excuse me.” Hazel took one last look at William before leaving in a hurry. William watched her back as she left. He knew his plan had succeeded.

Sloan came over to him. “Your Highness, are you saying that they would deal with Mr. Atkinson’s body earlier than expected to avoid Ms. Atkinson examining his body again?”

“Yes.” William nodded. “I’m afraid it’s too late even if she rushes back now.” “What should we do?” Sloan panicked. “Will she still trust us?”

“Of course.” William’s lips curled into a smirk. “The more they try to cover things up, the more it proves that something is wrong.” “Oh, I see.” Realization dawned upon Sloan. “All right, then. Let’s go.”

William knew the first part of his plan had succeeded. As long as Hazel trusts me, Francesca will be safe. Sloan drove him back to the castle.

In the car, while Monica put a blanket over William’s lap, he sighed. “I wonder how Francesca is doing inside. Did they torture her?”

“I don’t think they dare to do that,” Monica assured him. “Mr. Lindberg hasn’t shown up, after all. What if he shows up and settles the scores with them? Besides, Ms. Felch isn’t someone who will suffer silently.”

“You’re right.” William broke into a smile. Right then, William’s phone rang. Monica handed his phone to him hastily. He answered the call and put it on speaker mode. “Ms. Atkinson.”

“I just received a call. They had already cremated my father’s body,” Hazel told him in a low voice. “I’m sorry. I should’ve reminded you earlier,” William apologized softly.

“It looks like the culprit behind my father’s death was Mrs. President.” Hazel finally realized the truth. “She used my father’s death to convict Francesca. She also wants to use Francesca to draw Mr. Lindberg out so she can kill him!”

William sounded pleased. “You finally realized what is going on. Don’t be someone else’s pawn anymore.”

“Yes, I finally realized the truth.” There was a hint of sadness and fury in Hazel’s voice. “She used me so many times, and I endured her actions patiently. I can’t believe this is what I get in the end.”

William advised, “That’s why you have to fight back. Helping Francesca is akin to helping L now.” Hazel chuckled bitterly. “I know. Your Highness, Francesca is blessed to have a good friend like you!”

William said meaningfully, “L is also blessed to have a great assistant like you. I think he selected you to follow him to M Nation not only because he trusted you; he also wanted to protect you.” Hazel was stunned to hear that.

Yes, Danrique should’ve brought Harrier to M Nation, but he brought me there instead. Harrier was sent to H City. I assumed it was because Danrique didn’t trust Harrier enough, but he must’ve known that someone wanted to go against him.

The person who followed him to M Nation will get to escape danger. If my father hadn’t fallen into a trap and gotten used by someone else, my family could’ve escaped unscathed.

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