Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2249

Chapter 2249 An Experiment

“I have the same opinion as you, Ms. Atkinson,” William answered. “Mrs. President is a careful person. Why would she allow an attendant to record a video in secret?”

“Ha! I knew it!” Hazel sneered. “She manipulated my father, created a scandal between me and Mr. Lindberg, and blamed her daughter’s illness on me. I endured how she made me a scapegoat for her deeds over the years. I knew she had been using me, but I didn’t want to offend her and invite trouble. Nevertheless, my endurance only caused her to push her limits.”

“That’s how the world works.” William could understand her feelings. “The weaker you are, the more they will take advantage of you.”

“I endured her actions in the past, but my father lost his life this time.” Hazel grew emotional. “Despite his evil deeds, he was still my father. Besides, he loved me. He was the only family I had…”

Her voice choked. William handed her a tissue and comforted her, “My condolences.” After a pause, he got down to business. “Now that we know Mrs. President is behind this, then—”

Hazel interrupted him by saying hatefully, “You don’t have to persuade me to change my mind. Even if it was Mrs. President’s plan, the real murderer was still Francesca. She knew the snake was venomous but told it to bite my father! That was murder!”

William asked, “Are you sure the snake bit your father? Could it be someone else who poisoned him?”

“After leaving the hotel, we got into the car. Nothing happened after that. Less than two hours after my father got home, he started feeling unwell. When the doctor arrived, he was already…”

She trailed off as her eyes turned red. “The forensic pathologist examined him and said he died from snake venom. Who else could it be? It must be Francesca’s doing!”

“We can only be sure after examining him personally.” William wound down the window and called out, “Sloan!”

“Yes.” Sloan gestured for his subordinate to drive a truck over to them. He then opened the door to reveal a pig inside. “Huh? This is…” Hazel was baffled as she didn’t know what they were getting at.

When Sloan released Sam into the truck, Hazel finally understood what was going on. She immediately got out of the car and went nearer for a better look.

Initially, Sam didn’t want to attack the pig. The subordinates started hitting the truck to create noise. Growing irritated by the noise, Sam flew in the pig’s direction and sank its fangs into the pig’s neck.

The pig immediately let out a horrible shriek and collapsed. It began frothing at the mouth and twitching uncontrollably as blood trickled out of its mouth and ears.

Less than ten minutes later, the pig stopped moving. Its blood was black, and its skin slowly turned green. It was a horrible sight. Hazel gaped in disbelief when she saw the pig’s death.

Beside her, Sloan explained, “Sam is Mr. Lindberg’s snake. Besides Mr. Lindberg, it only listens to Ms. Felch’s orders. If Ms. Felch ordered it to stop, it would definitely stop. I wasn’t sure what would happen when Sam was to bite someone, but Gordon reminded me before he left that Sam’s venom was lethal.

Anyone it bites would die immediately. After seeing the experiment, I’m sure you know Mr. Atkinson wouldn’t wait until two hours later to die if Sam had bitten him. Just like the pig, he would’ve…”

When he realized the inappropriateness of his words, he quickly apologized, “I’m sorry. I mean, he’ll die from the venom on the spot.”

He didn’t need to explain anything, for it was pretty obvious what the experiment meant. Hazel had been with Danrique long enough to know what his snakes were like.

Back when she left the hotel with Gerard, he seemed fine. Hence, she assumed Sam didn’t bite him and that he was merely imagining things when he claimed his neck felt cold and numb.

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