Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2248

Chapter 2248 A Talk

After Francesca was taken away, a somber atmosphere took over the Lindberg residence. Norah would sob quietly and wipe her tears from time to time.

Sloan was anxious and kept trying to contact Gordon. Previously, Gordon would call every day to get an update about the situation in the castle, but after what happened recently, he suddenly cut off contact.

Despite feeling something was amiss, Sloan didn’t know what else to do. He could only text Gordon to inform the latter about Francesca’s situation.

Robin arrived the next day. Sloan sent someone to pick him up and bring him over to the castle. William talked to Robin behind closed doors for the entire afternoon before Robin got to work.

No one knew what he was busy with. After learning they found a legal team, Sloan told William that Danrique had a legal team of his own that was trustable.

However, William said they couldn’t use their own legal team without explaining the reason. Sloan felt unsettled, but Layla told him to trust William.

Seven days went by in the blink of an eye. There was no activity on William’s side, but the news about Francesca poisoning Gerard had blown up everywhere.

An anonymous netizen provided evidence that an attendant in the hotel saw Francesca releasing her venomous snake to bite Gerard. There was also a blurry video showing their backs.

The video didn’t show Francesca’s face, but it was a scene showing Francesca releasing her snake to bite Gerard. It wasn’t edited or faked; it was real.

Clearly, there was a camera in the private room that had recorded the entire scene. The person who posted this must’ve cut out one part of the video to post this online.

Seeing that, Sloan and the rest were furious. It was pretty obvious by now that the first lady was behind this. After all, she was the one who picked the place and would’ve examined the place thoroughly before entering it. There was no way an attendant could’ve recorded that secretly.

Hence, she must’ve deliberately ordered her men to set up the camera so that Francesca would get blamed.

As Sloan rambled about how despicable the first lady was, he got increasingly furious. However, William chuckled.

Layla frowned. “Why are you laughing?”

“Hazel will be contacting me soon,” William replied confidently.

“Why?” Monica was curious. “For the past few days, I tried all means to ask her out but got rejected every time. She even threatened me. Why would she change her mind suddenly?”

“She should’ve read the news,” came William’s calm answer. “It’s pretty easy to understand what happened. Even Sloan realized what happened, let alone her.”

Monica and Sloan were stunned, but Layla promptly understood what he meant. “Are you saying that Hazel has realized it was a trap set by Mrs. President?”

“Yes.” William nodded. “She’s a smart woman.”

Layla was still worried. “But Francesca is her love rival. Will she help Francesca? Or will she take the chance to get rid of Francesca?”

“She won’t help us.” William was pretty sure of that. “However, she wants to know the truth. We can use that to our advantage. Besides, she won’t want L to be in trouble.”

“All right. We’ll rely on you, then. This is giving me a headache.”

Right after Layla finished her sentence, Monica’s phone rang. She took a look at the screen and grew excited. “It’s from Hazel.”

William gave her a look, and she went aside to answer it. A while later, she returned and reported, “Your Highness, Ms. Atkinson wants to meet you tonight.”

“Okay.” William nodded. “Sloan, please make the arrangements.”


Sloan made the arrangements according to William’s wishes and drove him to the meeting spot.

As William had difficulty moving around, Hazel got into his car after he arrived at the meeting spot. She went straight to the topic and asked, “Your Highness, do you have something to tell me?”

“I think you have a question for me, Ms. Atkinson.” William gave her a pleasant smile.

“You’re indeed smart, Your Highness.” Hazel gave him an intense look. “I’d like to know your opinion about the video that appeared in the news today.”

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