Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2247

Chapter 2247 Depend On Him

Francesca walked toward them, but none of them had the to arrest her. Instead, they kept retreating in fear.

They backed up until they found themselves pressed up against their cars and had no other way out. Left with no choice, they were forced to face Francesca.

The beasts followed Francesca closely, so the police officers didn’t even dare to lay a hand on her. Finally, Francesca gave a wave to dismiss the beasts.

Only then did the highest-ranking police officer take a deep breath as he opened the car door carefully. “This way, please,” he said. “Ms. Felch…” Sloan took a step forward to stop her.

Francesca made a gesture and ordered, “Stay at home and protect Ms. Layla.” “Got it, Ms. Felch,” Sloan answered with a sad nod. “I’ll wait for you here,” Layla said, her eyes reddening.

“Okay.” Francesca bobbed her head and turned to William. “William, your condition is stable, so you can leave anytime. This has nothing to do with you, and they won’t make things difficult for you.”

She whipped her head around to look at the military and police officers. “Am I right, guys?”

The leaders of both teams nodded. “Of course. Prince William has nothing to do with the matter. No one will find fault with him.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

William spoke suddenly. “The castle is huge. I don’t feel like living. Francesca, I’ll wait for your and L’s return here!”

“All right.” Francesca didn’t think too much about his words as she assumed he had nowhere to go. After all, people in Danontand were watching him like a hawk and might attempt to hurt him if he were to leave.

It would be safer for him to stay under the Lindberg family’s protection.

“Ms. Felch, come on,” the police officer urged.

Francesca got into the car. The beasts wanted to follow her, but she chided, “Leave.”

The beasts hurriedly retreated, heeding her order.

The police officers quickly got into the car and drove away.

A few eagles soared in the sky above the car to escort Francesca.

When the driver sped up, the eagles increased their speed, too. They were impossible to shake off.

Seeing that, the police officers in the car broke out into a cold sweat.

Francesca told them calmly, “Don’t worry. They won’t hurt anyone if I’m not in danger.”

“Ms. Felch, please don’t say that. We wouldn’t dare to hurt you!” The police officer hurriedly explained, “You only have to assist in the investigation. We’re doing this under orders.”

“Under whose orders?” Francesca asked with her brow arched.

“Well…” The police officer seemed hesitant to answer her question.

She said nothing else for she had gotten the answer she wanted from his silence.

Clearly, Layla and William were right. It was the president’s doing. Without his orders, no one will have the guts to harm someone who’s part of the Lindberg family!

Nevertheless, the police officers weren’t lying when they said they dared not touch Francesca for now. They still had to use her to force Danrique to show himself.

The car drove out of the castle. Layla watched the convoy for a while before looking away.

She had expected this day to come ever since Francesca ended up with Danrique. Alas, their efforts to protect her were in vain.

I thought I was able to help Francesca, but now I realize that I am helpless in the face of absolute power. Perhaps someone else can be of help at a time like this…

Layla went over to William. “Prince William, do you have a plan in mind?”

That was the first time Layla took the initiative to talk to William politely. “I’ve asked Robin to come to the castle with a professional legal team,” William revealed with a smile. “Don’t worry. I’ll help Francesca.”

“Oh, that’s good to know. Thank you.” Layla sighed in relief. He’s my only hope for now.

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