Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2246

Chapter 2246 Assist In The Investigation

Hazel might hate Francesca, but she was terrified by how the situation had escalated. She couldn’t even utter a word. Harrier stood behind the crowd and watched silently.

The team stood dozens of meters away as they dared not come any closer. Each of them pointed a gun at the beasts warily, not daring to let their guards down. Despite that, they were still extremely uneasy, afraid that the beasts would rush over to rip them into shreds.

In the end, someone from the military spoke. “Ms. Felch, you are under suspicion of being involved in a murder case. Please come with us to assist in the investigation.”

“Be clear. What murder case do you suspect I’m involved in?” Francesca demanded haughtily. “Gerard Atkinson died from poison after seeing you. According to our investigation, you used a venomous snake to attack him, so—”

“Please mind your words,” Francesca interjected icily. “The venomous snake had indeed flown from my hands to his neck, but I summoned it back before it could bite him. Gerard’s death has nothing to do with me.”

“How can we know if you’re telling the truth?” Hazel roared angrily. “My father kept holding his neck back then. He also said his neck felt cold and numb. It must be your venomous snake that bit him! Nothing happened on our way back, and the poison acted up when we got home, killing him in the process. Who else could it be? It must be you!”

“Even though we’ve met up, that doesn’t mean I killed him. If you die later, is it my fault, too?” Francesca retorted.

“Hey!” Hazel’s face paled in fury.

Right then, William gave Monica a silent gesture. The woman immediately shoved Sloan, hinting at him to speak up.

Regaining his senses, Sloan promptly explained, “Ms. Atkinson, I think you’ve gotten it wrong. The green snake belongs to Mr. Lindberg. It has been bathed in poison since its birth, so its venom is extremely fatal. If it had bitten Mr. Atkinson, he would’ve died on the spot. There was no way he’d die at home.”

“Hear that?” Hazel grew increasingly emotional. “Francesca knew that snake was venomous but allowed it to bite my father! She wanted to kill my father!”

“No, I mean—”

“Francesca, I must avenge my father! How could you do that to him?”

Hazel grabbed a gun and aimed it at Francesca.

Suddenly, one of the tigers let out a guttural roar at her. Frightened, Hazel nearly collapsed to the ground.

“Let me repeat myself. I didn’t kill your father.” Francesca shot her a frosty look before turning to the police. “You must’ve examined the body, right? What did the forensic pathologist say?”

“According to the forensic pathologist, Mr. Atkinson died from snake venom. Ms. Felch, all evidence points to you, so please follow us back to assist in the investigation,” the highest-ranking police officer replied.

“Snake venom, huh?” Francesca sneered. “So it’s indeed a pre-arranged trap.”

“What do you mean?” Hazel demanded instinctively.

“You’re only needed to assist in the investigation. Please cooperate.” The police officer gestured for Francesca to leave with them.

“Before Mr. Lindberg returns, no one is allowed to take Ms. Felch away,” Sloan declared as he led his men to stand before Francesca.

“No one dares to harm Ms. Felch, but if you stop us from carrying out our job, we have no choice but to arrest her with force,” one military officer said sternly. “After all, we’ve received Mr. President’s orders to carry out this mission.”

Sloan and the rest were stunned to hear that. The president gave them the orders? No wonder they are this insistent.

Francesca’s lips curled. It looks like Layla and William’s prediction was right.

She said calmly, “Assist in the investigation, right? No problem. But my subordinates won’t allow anyone to barge into the Lindberg residence when I’m not around.”

With that said, she waved her hands, and the beasts roared out loud in unison.

The beasts’ roars were so deafening that the rest took a step back as their faces turned pale in horror.

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