Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2245

Chapter 2245 Goddess

William’s expression turned grim. “Shut up. I don’t want to hear you say such nonsense a second time.” “Yes, Your Highness.” Monica inclined her head at once, not daring to speak further.

“Give me my phone.” Monica handed William’s phone to him, and he called Robin. “Find me a legal team that is familiar with Erihal’s laws. Also, come as soon as you can.” “Yes, Your Highness.”

Robin had seen the news and learned that something had happened to Francesca. Knowing that his master would contact him, he had already made preparations.

After hanging up, William ordered Monica, “Arrange a meeting with Hazel for me.”

“Yes, Your Highness.” Though Monica disagreed about William getting involved, she gave him her full support since he had already made up his mind. “One more thing.”

William was about relay another order when eagle cries suddenly sounded outside. Instinctively, he turned to look and saw several eagles gliding past the window. Following that, a herd of wild beasts raced toward the front hall.

Monica was dumbfounded for she had never seen such a spectacle before. “Did the animals escape because they were frightened?” she asked, panicking. “Wheel me out.”

“Yes, Your Highness.” Monica wheeled William out of the palace, and the pair soon became stunned upon witnessing the scene before them.

Francesca was standing at the entrance of the hall with her arms spread open as she summoned every animal inhabiting the animal-training facility.

The eagles gliding in the sky and the beasts galloping across the place heeded her command. In the near distance, the convoy of vehicles that had just arrived skidded to jerky halts.

Among them were police cars containing the force’s highest-ranking officers, military jeeps of the army, and private vehicles belonging to the three great families.

The high-ranking police officers and military officials in their cars were awestruck by the scene before them. Seated in one of the MPVs, Hazel, Harrier, and Kevin were similarly stunned.

“W-What is going on here? Don’t tell me that brat had been in the circus before!” Kevin was so worked up he was babbling incoherently.

“Though I’d heard of her ability to summon beasts, I thought it far-fetched. I can’t believe it’s true.” Harrier narrowed his eyes and peered out the window with a complicated expression.

“I don’t care how good she is. She is going to pay for killing my father.”

Hazel glared at Francesca with hatred as her hands clenched into fists. She was merely hostile toward Francesca before that, but at present, she also felt immense hatred toward her.

Kevin was thoroughly rattled. “Beast summoning? I’ve only seen it in movies. I can’t believe it exists in the real world as well!”

Harrier appeared calm. “The world is never short on curiosities. Why would Danrique be so deeply in love with her if she isn’t remarkable?”

Kevin became disconcerted. “This girl seems formidable. Will we be able to defeat her?”

“She won’t be able to run with the military and the police here. She owes a blood debt, so it’s only natural that she pay it with her own life,” Hazel snarled. She then exited the vehicle and proceeded to beckon the cars behind them to move forward.

At that moment, Francesca waved her arms and ordered the beasts, “In my absence, defend the castle and prevent any breaches!”

The beasts nodded as if they were a unique task force. Francesca waved her hands again, and the animals retreated to the side at once to make way for the convoy’s arrival.

The occupants exited their vehicles tentatively. Armed with guns, members of the military and police force regarded Francesca with wariness and fear.

Francesca stood at the entrance. A convocation of eagles circled above her head, and a pack consisting of tigers, lions, and leopards flanked her. Every one of those beasts glowered at the people before them with murderous intent, as if saying, “I will tear apart whoever dares lay a finger on my goddess.”

The entourage of predators terrified all of them. Some police officers were so frightened that they were trembling. Kevin, on the other hand, didn’t even dare to emerge from the vehicle.

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