Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2244

Chapter 2244 Indecent

Comprehension dawned on Francesca. “Everything has been planned in advance. But why would they want to conceal my identity?”

“They probably did that because they considered the fact that you have saved many lives, including some big shots who would probably take action if they found out that you are detained in Erihal. Thus, they censored your identity to avoid attracting trouble for themselves.”

“It is indeed premeditated, given that everything is so carefully arranged,” William surmised. “What do we do now? Will they storm in to arrest her?” Monica asked anxiously.

As soon as she spoke, a subordinate came in to report, “The military is here, Ms. Felch, Sloan.” Sloan panicked. “What? Even the military has gotten involved? Things are looking serious.”

“Pack your things, Francesca. Let’s get out of here,” Layla urged Francesca. “You’re right. I’ll go pack as well.” Monica stood up at once.

Francesca remained calm. “That won’t work. The military is already here to arrest me. How are we going to escape? Even if we managed to make it out of this castle, we wouldn’t be able to leave Xendale.”

William nodded. “That’s right. She’s innocent, but if she escapes now, they would think she’s absconding because she’s guilty. That way, Erihal could issue an arrest warrant for her.”

“Then what should we do? Let them take her away?” Layla asked in a panic. William did not reply to that. Instead, he gazed at Francesca with a complicated expression.

The woman announced placidly, “Since the military and higher-ups of the police department are involved, I’m not in a position to say no. Besides, I don’t think they would dare harm me. The most they could do is lock me up for a couple of days.”

William nodded. “She would be even safer in their hands.”

Layla was beside herself with anxiety. “Have you ever thought about why they’re making such a big fuss? They’re trying to lure Danrique out. For all we know, he might be hurt right now and is currently hiding. He could’ve laid low and reappear to turn the situation around after he gets better, but do you think he can stay calm and do nothing if he finds out you’re arrested?”

Francesca was conflicted. “But if I’m arrested, my sentence is as good as confirmed. What if they announce to the public that Danrique was the one who instructed me to poison Gerard? Won’t that cause him more trouble?”

Layla’s frown grew deeper. “That’s possible. Perhaps this is a trap. The moment you escape, they will convict Danrique of various offenses, preventing him from even returning to Erihal.”

Monica panicked. “We can’t escape, nor can we stay. What should we do, then?”

Francesca quickly made up her mind. “I can’t run. I would have to go through a trial and an investigation since they’re doing things according to the procedure. At least they wouldn’t do anything to me during that phase, but…”

She peered out the window, feeling uneasy. “Would those scoundrels come to steal the seal in my absence? I will need a few bodyguards.”

Sloan felt distressed for Francesca. “Don’t worry about us right now, Ms. Felch. Take care of yourself instead. I’d already had somebody contact Gordon, and he’ll think of something when he gets back.”

“He’s out there searching for Danrique. Don’t bother him,” replied Francesca before leaving in a hurry.

“Where are you going, Ms. Felch? Ms. Felch!” Sloan immediately followed her while Layla did the same.

Monica asked in a low voice, “Your Highness, should we leave? This doesn’t concern us, and I think the military and the police wouldn’t give us a hard time…”

William scowled at her. “It would be indecent if we were to leave at this crucial moment! Francesca had rescued me so many times. How could I stay out of this when she needs me the most?”

Monica was distressed. “There’s nothing you can do now, and we’ll be implicated if we stay. What would become of Robin and everybody in the castle if something happened to you?”

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