Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2242

Chapter 2242 Uproot

Willam heaved a sigh. Apparently, he did not feel optimistic about how things looked. “Is the first lady doing this to bring the three great families to power?” Layla asked, puzzled. “It’s not necessary if she’s doing it for the sake of her daughter’s love life.”

Francesca had once told Layla about the current state of Avery, the president’s daughter, as well as the fact that Avery had feelings for Danrique.

However, Layla thought that as the president’s wife, the first lady didn’t need to seek vengeance against Francesca for something so trivial.

Danrique’s fate was currently unknown, but he would not forgive the first lady if he managed to survive and learn the truth.

William’s countenance grew solemn. “Perhaps for a variety of reasons. But from how things currently look, I’m almost certain she’s the mastermind. She deliberately summoned Francesca over to meet the Atkinsons and left them alone on purpose. Knowing Francesca’s hot temper, she expected a conflict to arise and believed Francesca would surely retaliate. Once Francesca retaliates, Gerard will die, and Francesca will become the main suspect.”

Monica exclaimed, “How devious! Will they send Ms. Felch to prison? I don’t think they would dare to, as the Lindberg family holds power here even in Mr. Lindberg’s absence. They wouldn’t dare act so boldly, right?”

Layla agreed with Monica, which was a rare occurrence. “She’s right. What’s more, Danrique is still alive. He might even be back in a few days.”

“Perhaps they don’t want him to come back,” William suggested suddenly. The atmosphere in the room grew tense at once.

The three women gaped at him.

“If L does not return, the president can instate an obedient puppet who will take over Lindberg Corporation.”

William’s lips curled into a sneer as if he had already gotten used to such devious methods.

“If L is dead, then getting rid of Francesca becomes a matter of urgency. If L is still alive, however, making a move against Francesca now would force him to show himself. And once he does, countless crises await him.”

Francesca gasped involuntarily. “So that is their plan. I was wondering why would the first lady attack me with such vicious measures. Turns out it isn’t because of a personal vendetta, after all. There are huge benefits in it for her.”

“Doesn’t the president care that his wife is doing these things?” Monica asked.

Layla had seen through everything. “What a redundant question. All he has to do is sit back and do nothing, and his wife will grant him the power he desires. If anything happens, the first lady would be his scapegoat, shouldering everything for him. For all we know, he doesn’t know anything. If their plan succeeds in the end, he would be the greatest beneficiary.”

Monica shuddered. “It’s frightening how evil people can be.”

William laughed derisively. “Everything had been planned ahead of time. Preparations had already been made back when the president first invited L and the three great families to the banquet. If Danrique had not brought Francesca along that night and instead accepted Avery as his wife, they would have become a family. A family shares common interests, after all. However, they never expected Danrique to bring Francesca along and publicly reveal her identity, rejecting the president’s ‘kindness’ in the process…”

Francesca said irritably, “How is this different from Frank? They’re all like ‘death to all who oppose me!’”

“Well, that’s how it is in a dog-eat-dog world. Even blood-related siblings would lash out and kill each other, so what’s to stop them from doing the same to L, who is nobody to them?” William sighed with a bitter smile.

“The problem in M Nation has long since existed, right? Why did it only blow up at this juncture? Could it be related to the president, too?” Layla asked.

William, on the other hand, was objective. “They must have been in wait for the right opportunity. Perhaps they had begun making preparations in advance when they noticed that a problem would arise around this time. Then, they would seize this opportunity to uproot Lindberg Corporation and claim it for themselves.”

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