Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2241

Chapter 2241 Dead

When they heard about Gerard’s rude behavior and that Sam nearly bit him, Layla and William exclaimed in unison, “Was he bitten?”

Francesca was determined. “No. I managed to stop Sam just before Gerard was bitten.” Layla patted her chest anxiously. “Are you sure he wasn’t bitten? How did Gerard react?”

Francesca frowned and replied, “He muttered something to his daughter, but I couldn’t hear what he said. I’m certain Sam did not bite him. Otherwise, Gerard would have collapsed on the spot. There was no way he could have left alive.”

“That’s true.” Layla let out a sigh of relief. William knitted his brows. “We can’t be sure. Is it possible for L’s refined poison to cause a genetic change in Sam, resulting in a slower-acting poison?”

“Hmm…” Francesca considered the possibility. Before she left, Sloan had reminded her about Sam’s increased toxicity after it was soaked in poison. Thus, the period it took for the poison to react might have been prolonged.

Moreover, Sam was a tiny snake, so its fang marks weren’t easy to spot. Since Gerard had been covering his neck when the attack took place, she could not be a hundred percent certain that he had not been bitten.

At that thought, Francesca immediately relayed an order to one of the maids. “Please get Sloan to come here.”

“Right away!” Just as the maid was about to go and fetch Sloan, a subordinate came rushing in, reporting, “Ms. Felch, there are many policemen outside. They are asking for you to aid their investigation.”

Bewildered, Francesca asked, “What investigation?” “Ms. Felch!”

At that juncture, Sloan also came rushing over, exclaiming anxiously, “I’ve just heard the news. Gerard is dead!” “What?” Francesca was so shocked that her eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

Layla also stood rooted to the spot, stupefied. William, too, was stunned for a moment before his face darkened and his expression became unfathomable.

Sloan was beside himself with anxiety as he queried, “What on earth happened today? The police said that Hazel filed a report against you, accusing you of killing Gerard. The higher-ups of the police department are directly involved in the investigation.”

“I killed Gerard?” Francesca was flabbergasted. Suddenly, an uneasy feeling rose within her heart. All this seems to be premeditated…

At that moment, William began solemnly, “Sloan, I need you to remember something. L had once mentioned that Sam is extremely poisonous. Once it sinks its fangs into someone, the poison will immediately react. There is no way the victim can survive for more than half an hour.”

“Huh? But he’s never said that…” Sloan stared at him, puzzled.

Layla interrupted impatiently, “Just listen to him. It doesn’t matter if Mr. Lindberg has mentioned it before or not. This is what you will tell the authorities.”

Realization dawned on Sloan, and he nodded fervently. “Okay!”

William ordered, “Just leave the rest to us and go out to stop those people from entering. Tell them no one is allowed inside the castle and that everything is to be discussed when L returns.”

“Yes!” Sloan immediately left to carry out the order.

“Everyone else, please leave,” Layla instructed.

Inclining their heads, the maids bowed and exited the study.

Impatiently, Monica said, “Your Highness, it’s as you expected. The meeting today was a trap.”

“Who’s trying to harm Francesca?” Layla asked worriedly.

“If I’m not mistaken, it’s the person who invited her… The first lady.” William fixed his gaze on Francesca.

Francesca shuddered upon hearing William’s words. She asked in stupefaction, “Why would she do that? We have no grudge against each other.”

William frowned and explained calmly, “It probably has something to do with her daughter. We’re still investigating the precise reason. She had tried to harm you many times, but you’ve managed to get away each time. This time, however…”

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