Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2240

Chapter 2240 Influential People

Francesca pondered for a moment after hearing those words. She seldom came in contact with the president, but she surmised that the first lady’s actions were probably at the president’s behest.

In other words, it meant that the president supported her. However, he had yet to offer his support officially. Is it because the three great families have yet to force me to the edge of the cliff? Or is it because he thinks it’s not time yet?

Just then, Donald added, “Don’t expect too much from the president.” “Why?” Francesca was puzzled.

“Influential people like him often look at the big picture. They don’t do things out of sentiment,” Donald said grimly. “If Danrique is still alive, the president will do his utmost to hold onto him. But if he’s not, the president will likely consider Erihal’s economic situation and help a new president ascend to the position.”

“I get it.” Francesca understood what Donald was trying to say. “So, what you mean is, if Danrique is truly no longer with us, no one will help me.”

Donald sighed. “Yes. At the moment, the candidate will likely be someone from the three great families. I reckon the person with the highest chance of obtaining the position is Harrier. Compared to Kevin and Gerard, Harrier is more strategic and composed. Moreover, compared to Danrique, he is easier to control.”

Donald’s words held a deeper meaning behind them, and Francesca immediately understood what the former was trying to say. “What you’re saying is, Harrier is willing to submit to the president and adhere to his arrangements.”

Impressed, Donald exclaimed, “Yes, you nailed it. The situation does not favor us at the moment. What’s important right now is to find Danrique. If he is able to return safely, everything will be fine.”

“Don’t worry. I’m sure he’s alive!” Francesca declared resolutely.

“I believe that he’s alive, too. He’s a strong man who won’t be defeated easily, but…” Donald trailed off for a while before continuing, “What I’m afraid of is that someone wants him dead.”

Francesca froze when she heard the words, and something in her mind clicked.

Prior to Donald’s reminder, she had not considered this issue at all. Even if Danrique was currently alive, there was no guarantee he was going to make it back safely.

This means that the people who seem to be concerned about his whereabouts are potentially the ones that want him dead. So, it’s a race to see who finds Danrique first…

If Gordon found Danrique first, the latter would be saved. However, if someone else were to beat Gordon to it, the consequences would be unimaginable.

“Truth be told, I don’t have better advice for you.” Donald heaved a long sigh. “I can only inform you of the situation as it is, in hopes that you mentally prepare yourself. Since you have two experts who can give you advice, you’re in a much better position than I am.”

Donald turned to Layla after speaking. “That’s all I came to say. I’ll be taking my leave. I hope you find Danrique as soon as possible.”

“I’ll figure something out.” Monica arrived as soon as Francesca saw Donald out. “Ms. Felch, His Highness wishes to meet you.” “All right, give me a moment.”

When Francesca was about to head inside to change, Monica hurriedly called out to her and said, “His Highness is in the car. He says that it’s inconvenient for you to travel back and forth all the time, hence he came over.”

Francesca turned around and stared at the car that was parked nearby. A subordinate opened the car door and carried a wheelchair out of the car before wheeling William over.

Francesca ushered them all into the study, and they were joined by Layla as well. William greeted Layla politely before cutting to the chase. “Francesca, I heard that you went to visit the first lady today. Did anything happen?

“I saw Hazel, who had just returned this morning. She was hurt.” Francesca began to describe the meeting in detail.

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