Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2239

Chapter 2239 Allegiance

“Not yet.” Francesca shook her head and said firmly, “But I’m certain he’s all right. He will come home safely.” “I believe so, too. I’m counting on it.”

In truth, Donald was saying those words to encourage himself. He was also taking a risk. If Danrique could return unscathed, that would be for the best. Otherwise, Donald would be digging his own grave by joining Francesca’s side now.

However, he had analyzed the situation. If something really happened to Danrique, the three great families would not tolerate his existence even if he did not switch to Francesca’s side.

He might as well try his luck. “Is there anything else you want to talk about?” Francesca asked.

“Let me tell you about the company’s current state. The impact of Danrique’s issue is quite severe. Without his signature, a few major projects are postponed. Some of the bigger business partners have been calling every day for an update on Danrique’s whereabouts. Even the president has been asking about him every day.

In short, Danrique’s safety will affect the entire corporation, the fate of many business partners, and even the economy of Erihal. This is a very important matter. The thing is, the three great families won’t be able to represent Lindberg Corporation even if they have the seal. The business partners will not keep working with Lindberg Corporation just because of the seal.

Similarly, Erihal’s economy will still be unstable. Lindberg Corporation did not reach its position today solely with that one seal, so the three great families could not possibly handle the company’s problems on their own. Those business partners only acknowledge Danrique, and he’s the only one who can get the situation under control.”

“I understand now. So they’re making such a big fuss over the seal to obtain power, not for the company,” Francesca concluded.

Donald nodded. “That’s right. They will not be able to manage the company properly. And if they get the seal, the company will only meet its downfall quicker. The business partners aren’t taking any action now because they believe Danrique will return.

Once the three great families lay their hands on the seal, it will be a clear sign that something has happened to Danrique. In that case, the partners will withdraw their investments and cancel the collaborations. Lindberg Corporation will be doomed if that happens.”

As Donald finished his sentence, he couldn’t help sighing.

He went on, “To be honest, I used to feel that Danrique was too cold-blooded. He never went easy on other people, so I even wished that someone could go against him and tame his terrible temper. But now, I realized that it’s impossible to run such a big corporation properly without an iron fist like his. Moreover, no one else can manage to do that aside from him.”

Upon hearing those words, Francesca felt somewhat emotional. She never knew that Danrique carried so much responsibility and burden on his shoulders.

Donald continued to say, “That’s how things are at the moment. By the way, Harrier went to H City and hasn’t returned yet. Kevin and Gerard are the ones running around right now. Harrier is the youngest among them, but he’s the most cunning one. He always hides at the back and waits for the other two to get things done, then he reaps the benefits. You have to be careful of him.”

“I got it.” Francesca glimpsed at Layla before looking at Donald. “Now, I have a few questions for you.” “Go ahead.” Donald straightened his back.

“Aside from you, is there any other elder in the Lindberg family who is powerful enough to overpower the three great families?”

“No. If there was, he or she would have come to you long ago.” Once again, Donald sighed. “I’m the only one with some power left in the entire Lindberg family now. The other relatives don’t even have a say.”

“Then aside from the Lindberg family, who else has enough influence to keep the three great families in check?” Francesca asked again.

“The president,” answered Donald. “He’s the only one who can control them now.”

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