Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2237

Chapter 2237 Invader

After Gerard and Hazel left, Francesca did not stay long. She exchanged a few pleasantries with the first lady and took her to leave.

When she walked out of the hotel, she saw Sloan and the others waiting by the road. “Why are you here?” she asked in confusion. “We’re worried about your safety, so we came to fetch you,” said Sloan respectfully.

“Let’s get in the car first.” Francesca opened the car door and got in, and Sloan followed suit. “Ms. Felch, are you okay— Ah!”

Before he could even finish his words, the car sped forward, startling him. Everything happened so fast that the car escorting them could barely keep up.

“Who will guard the house if you’re out?” Francesca demanded unhappily. “Didn’t I tell you to stay there? What if those scums send someone to steal the seal?”

Sloan hurriedly explained, “That won’t happen. I only brought two men with me. The others stayed behind.” “That’s good to hear.”

The next second, Sloan’s phone rang. He picked up the call, and soon, his eyes widened in panic. “What? Did they succeed? D*mn it. I’ll be back soon.”

“What is it?” Francesca questioned immediately. “You were right,” Sloan groaned in exasperation. “Someone attempted to steal from the house, but Ms. Layla noticed him.” “Did they catch him?”

“He ran away. There aren’t enough people at home; the thief is probably an expert.” Sloan peeked at Francesca guiltily.

“Now you know. Remember, your task is to guard the house,” Francesca reiterated. “Yes, I got it,” Sloan replied, not daring to make any more excuses.

By the time they rushed home, the bodyguards were waiting at the door. Upon seeing Francesca and Sloan, they gave a detailed report on the incident. In the end, one of them said, “Good thing Ms. Layla was quick to notice. Otherwise…”

Layla walked out the next moment. “I can’t take all the credit. There’s a security system in the study room that triggers an alarm when someone enters. I only noticed after seeing the alarm.” “Let me take a look.”

Francesca entered the house hastily and went to the study room. The infrared light inside the room was still flashing, so no one dared to approach it since they would be electrocuted.

Francesca reached out to push the door open, but Sloan stopped her. “Ms. Felch, the alarm has been triggered because of the thief. You’ll be electrocuted if you go in now.” “Then when can I enter?”

Sloan looked troubled. “We’ve never encountered this situation before, so I really don’t know. If Mr. Lindberg is here, we could use his fingerprint to turn off the alarm.”

Without giving it a thought, Francesca placed her finger on the sensor to try and see if it would work. Ding! Surprisingly, the alarm turned off. Everyone, including Francesca herself, was shocked.

She had no idea when her biometrics was registered in the alarm system of the study room. “Francesca, take a look inside first,” Layla suggested.

Francesca went in immediately and checked the safe. Fortunately, it was untouched. The study room looked just the same as it was when Danrique left.

Only the window was opened. Although the window was not burglar-proof, the alarm system would be triggered once an outsider sneaked in. Electricity would then flow through the entire study room and electrocute the invader.

After closing the window and double-checking everything, Francesca shut the door and instructed, “In the coming days, I want you all to guard the house properly. Do not go anywhere else. No matter what happens, do not hand over the seal. Is this understood?”

“Yes, Ms. Felch!” the men answered in unison. “You may leave now.”

Then, Francesca sent them away and pulled Layla into her room. “Ms. Layla, did you see the person’s face? Who is it?” “He was in black, and he wore a cap and a mask. I couldn’t see his face.”

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