Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2236

Chapter 2236 Venomous Sam

When Gerard saw her daughter getting hit, he raised his fist to punch Francesca in his rage. At that moment, the green snake that was hiding in Francesca’s sleeve shot out and wrapped itself around Gerard’s neck, opening its mouth to attack.

Just as it was about to sink its teeth into Gerard’s skin, Francesca yelled, “Sam, come back!” Sam’s tongue had already come in contact with Gerard’s skin, but it held back just in time and jumped back to Francesca’s wrist before coiling and turning into a jade bangle-like shape.

“You… You…” As Gerard touched his neck and looked at Francesca’s wrist, his face turned pale. “You evil woman! I’m going to kill you!”

Next, he lunged at Francesca. “Stop it right there!” The first lady appeared at that juncture and stopped Gerard. The latter lowered his fist, while Francesca, who was ready to retaliate, retracted her raised leg as well.

If the first lady hadn’t appeared, Gerard would have been sent flying by Francesca’s kick before he could even land a punch.

“Gerard, what are you doing?” the first lady scolded. “I just went out for a call, and I come back to see you attempting to hit Francesca! You’re a man and an elder to her. How could you be so unreasonable?”

“Mrs. President, this is a misunderstanding!” Gerard pointed at Francesca in agitation and continued, “This brat attacked me with an ashtray earlier and missed, but Hazel got hit instead!”

The first lady turned to look at Hazel and found out that the girl’s wound was indeed bleeding, and an ashtray lay beside her feet. At that sight, the first lady questioned, “Francesca, what’s going on?”

“Gerard offended me with his words first,” said Francesca coldly. “I did hurl an ashtray at him, but he dodged. That’s why I accidentally hurt Hazel.”

Feeling somewhat guilty about Hazel’s bleeding wound, Francesca approached the other woman to check her injury. However, Hazel rejected her outright. “I don’t need you to check on me!”

Francesca rolled her eyes and produced a small bottle from her pocket. She tossed it to Hazel, saying, “I made this medicinal powder. It’s very effective in treating external wounds. Use it if you want. Otherwise, just throw it away.”

Hazel was about to discard it when Gerard stopped her. In a low voice, he told her, “Just keep it first. Although she’s problematic, she is actually very skilled in medicine.”

“Daddy, are you okay? Were you bitten by that snake?” Hazel asked in concern while examining Gerard’s neck.

“I’m not sure.” Gerard put his hand over his neck and said to the first lady, “Mrs. President, Hazel isn’t feeling well. I’ll bring her home first.”

“All right. I asked you to come today because I wanted to ask about Danrique, but I didn’t expect a conflict like this to take place. It’s all because of my negligence. Mr. President already scolded me earlier,” the first lady mentioned with her brows scrunched.

“It’s not your fault, Mrs. President—”

“Anyway, you should go,” interrupted the first lady. “Take good care of Hazel.”

“All right.” Without saying anything more, Gerard wheeled Hazel toward the exit.

Before leaving, Hazel bowed at the first lady, but she did not even spare a glance at Francesca. Upon turning around, she asked Gerard again, “Daddy, were you bitten by that snake?”

“I don’t think so. My neck doesn’t hurt, but it feels a bit numb and chilly,” Gerard answered softly.

“You should go and see a doctor. The snakes reared by Mr. Lindberg are highly venomous,” Hazel said with worry.

“That snake was raised by Mr. Lindberg?” Gerard’s face fell. Just as he was about to turn around to lash out at Francesca, Hazel pulled him back. “That’s enough. We shouldn’t make a scene in front of Mrs. President. Let’s go home first.”

Although Francesca couldn’t hear the father-daughter duo’s conversation clearly, she could guess what was going on. She couldn’t help but roll her eyes out of annoyance.

I may despise the two of them, but I wouldn’t go so far as to murder them! Considering how venomous Sam is, Gerard would be dead with just one bite.

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