Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2233

Chapter 2233 Little Bodyguard

“Then, what should I do now?” asked Monica in a meek voice. “Should I just persuade Ms. Felch to take me with her?”

“Are you out of your mind?” William was bereft of speech. He couldn’t even be bothered to continue the meaningless conversation with Monica. “Let me think of something. You may leave.” “Your Highness…”

Monica still had something else to say, yet a peek at William’s irritated countenance was sufficient to compel her into lowering her gaze and backing away.

She felt aggrieved, for she was a senior Interpol detective, after all. All she knew was carrying out investigations and apprehending criminals. She never had a knack for putting on a pretense.

Even so, she had given her all in completing every task that had been assigned to her.

Meanwhile, Francesca was having nightmares the entire night. In her dreams, she could see that Danrique was in danger as he was pinned underneath a vehicle with his legs bathing in a pool of his own blood, seemingly on the verge of death.

Anxious and concerned, she wanted to rush over and rescue him, but it was as though her feet were stuck in the ground, and they wouldn’t budge no matter how hard she struggled.

Right at that juncture, the vehicle exploded all of a sudden with a loud boom. With her eyes widened in disbelief, Francesca gaped at the scene as Danrique was engulfed in the roaring flames.

“No!” Francesca let out a frantic scream before sitting up in bed, sweating ever so profusely.

Only after seeing the familiar room that she was in did she realize that she had been dreaming. Be that as it may, the sensation was so palpable that she had thought that it was real.

She touched the pillow at the side, reminiscing the time they spent together before Danrique left as a throbbing pain assailed her.

Subsequently, she checked her phone and was greeted by nothing but a text from Gordon that read: We haven’t found him yet, Ms. Felch. Cradling her forehead, Francesca was utterly disappointed.

Nevertheless, there was nothing she could do at the moment. With her mind abuzz with messy thoughts, she slept through several hours more until she was ultimately awakened by the chimes of her phone.

“Francesca, I’ve made the appointment. We’ll meet at North Hotel at one o’clock in the afternoon.” It turned out to be a call from the first lady. “Noted. I’ll be there on the dot.”

A glimmer of hope rose within Francesca as she glanced at the time. There were still another few hours to go. She couldn’t wait for the time to arrive sooner so that she could finally gain more information regarding Danrique’s whereabouts.

Knowing that Francesca was going to meet the first lady, Layla reminded, “You have been researching poison and drugs, haven’t you? How about hidden weapons and booby traps? Bring some with you for self-defense.”

“Those things are too conspicuous.” Francesca refused to heed Layla’s advice as she added, “I can’t simply put on a casual attire with a backpack to see the first lady, now, can I?”

“Then, you—”

“Rest assured, Ms. Layla. I’m well-prepared.”

As they spoke, Francesca asked Sloan to bring her to Danrique’s laboratory. While she was there, she summoned Sam.

Sam still recognized Francesca. It bolted toward her the second it heard her whistling. Coiling itself around her wrist, it resembled a mesmerizing, shiny jade bracelet.

“Look, Ms. Layla! This is my very own little bodyguard!” Holding Sam high up, Francesca went on, “It’s the one that had bitten Chrono the last time!”

“This little one must be extremely poisonous.” Seeing Sam up close like that, Layla felt a shiver run down her spine.

Then came Sloan’s words of caution, “Sam has been soaking in poison substance for a couple of months already, so it’s pretty deadly now, I must say. Ms. Felch, please be careful.”

“Don’t you worry about a thing.” Francesca then checked the time and announced, “I must go now.”

Sloan hurriedly trailed behind her. “I’d like to escort you there, Ms. Felch, if I may.”

However, Francesca turned him down. “You guys stay here and be on guard. Don’t let anyone come and cause trouble. I won’t be long.”

“But your safety is also our priority.” Sloan became a nervous wreck on that note. “What if something bad happened to you? How am I going to explain it to Mr. Lindberg?”

“If something were to really crop up, you people wouldn’t be able to fend it off anyway.” Wearing a confident demeanor, Francesca stated, “Besides, I can deal with it myself.” “But—”

Just when Sloan was about to speak further, Francesca hopped into the car and floored the accelerator, vanishing quickly beyond the horizon. “Ms. Felch, Ms. Felch…”

Sloan continued to call out to her as he tried to chase after her. Sadly, his voice was drowned by the howling wind.

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