Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2232

Chapter 2232 Uneasiness

“Maybe she didn’t want the crowd in the hall to overhear her talking earlier,” Francesca postulated. “Especially when Monica was around. It seems that the first lady doesn’t quite like Monica.”

Layla weighed up Francesca’s reasoning and instantly acknowledged it, for the former, too, wasn’t that fond of Monica herself. From her perspective, Monica had always been acting shady, seemingly shrewd and cunning to the core.

Yet, she knew very well that Monica was merely working for William. Even if William had been harboring any sort of ulterior motive, he would still have to take Francesca’s side for the time being.

After all, both Francesca and Danrique could offer him the protection that he needed.

“Danrique has already been missing for so long. I’m really worried,” uttered Francesca with concern. “I’m not going to give up any chance, so even if it were a trap, I’d still go check it out.”

“All right, then. I’ll go with you,” said Layla as she held Francesca’s hand.

The latter shook her head. “No. I can handle it alone. You guard the house. Considering that we don’t have as many bodyguards with us, I’m afraid those two sc*mbags might send someone to steal the seal.”

“True enough.” Layla bobbed her head upon hearing that. “Sloan and the rest won’t be able to manage on their own. And if those two were to really come after the seal, it’d be a disaster…”

“But with you around, there’s nothing more for me to worry about.”

Just when Francesca was speaking, a call came through. It was William, requesting her presence. She then ordered someone to fetch her the medical kit and went on her way.

For the past few days, Francesca had been busy dealing with the horde of her enemies while having all her thoughts fixated on Danrique. She was understandably moody and preoccupied with troubles, thus failing to treat William wholeheartedly.

During the visit on that very night, she gave William a check-up right away. Given that William had been on his medication, his injuries weren’t affected, but at the same time, there weren’t any improvements either.

Thus, Francesca performed the treatment and even prescribed him a new course of medicine.

Looking at Francesca’s haggard appearance, William knew he had to offer some kind of comfort. “Don’t worry, Francesca. L will be fine…”

“Everyone keeps telling me that, but how can I not worry when he has gone completely radio silent, to the point where not even Gordon can locate him?” The worried look on Francesca’s face didn’t abate.

“Actually, have you ever thought about—”

William’s voice trailed off just when words began to leap out of his mouth.

“Thought about what?” questioned Francesca curiously.

“O-Oh, it’s nothing,” William blurted out, abruptly changing the topic. “Anyway, you shouldn’t act alone while L isn’t by your side. If you really have to go out there, take Monica with you.”

“Yes, that’s right! I can tag along any time,” Monica hastily chimed in. “By the way, what did the first lady talk to you about a minute ago? I only realized that she was still speaking to you after I left.”

“Nothing much.”

Truth be told, Francesca detested the way Monica had been behaving toward her. It felt like the latter was spying on her round the clock.

Furthermore, since the first lady found Monica distasteful, Francesca would never disclose to Monica her plan of meeting Gerard together with the first lady.

Needless to say, Monica noticed how Francesca was growing wary of her and immediately tried to explain herself, “Ms. Felch, have I—”

Unfortunately, she had to swallow her words when she saw William shooting her a meaningful glance.

With that, Francesca gave William a few pointers before spinning on her heels and heading home.

“I’m sure something’s up with the first lady,” Monica grumbled. “She didn’t say much when I was around, but when I stepped away to the car, I saw her chatting up a storm with Ms. Felch. And after seeing how Ms. Felch dodged my question earlier—”

“You’re right to think that Francesca doesn’t want to tell you more, but have you ever wondered why that’s the case?” retorted William with a frown. “You ought to act more naturally instead of making her feel like you’re spying on her, don’t you think?”

Monica straightaway hung her head low in shame. “I suppose.”

“Now that Francesca’s obviously keeping you at arm’s length, you should take this time to reflect on yourself. If this continues, she’s not going to bring you anywhere she goes,” fumed William.

“Please forgive me, Your Highness…”

“The situation isn’t looking good right now. The Lindberg family is short-staffed, and if Francesca does meet up with the first lady tomorrow, there’s a possibility that she might end up falling into the other party’s trap…”

William’s heart was filled with uneasiness as those words escaped from his lips.

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