Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2231

Chapter 2231 Hope

“No, Mrs. President. This is a misunderstanding,” Kevin quickly explained. “There are a few urgent projects at the company that can’t proceed without Danrique’s seal, so we were just thinking about getting it.”

“Yeah. Since Danrique is not around, the two of us have to step up and take charge. We can’t just let things turn into a mess. We can’t move on with these projects without the seal, so we just wanted to retrieve it, but Ms. Felch—”

“I don’t know what’s going on in your company,” the first lady interrupted coldly, “but Danrique told the president and me before he left that Francesca is his fiancée, and she shall be in full command over the house when he is away. Since she refuses to hand over the seal, you all should discuss the issue calmly instead of causing a scene here. This is preposterous!”

“We’re so sorry, Mrs. President. We were too hasty that we let our emotions get the best of us.”

Kevin immediately changed his tone, but Gerard was still disgruntled about the turn of events.

“Why don’t you all go home first and talk about this later? For all we know, we might get news about Danrique in the next two days,” the first lady added before anyone could say another word.


Kevin and Gerard exchanged glances and left with their men.

Everyone in the house breathed a sigh of relief, and Norah quickly got the servants to prepare drinks for the first lady while Francesca expressed her gratitude.

“Thank you, Mrs. President.”

“There’s no need for that. We’re in the same boat,” the first lady said gently as she held Francesca’s hand. “You look pale, Francesca. It has only been a few days since I last saw you.”

“I haven’t been sleeping well. Have a seat,” Francesca answered, smiling.

When the first lady was seated, she chatted with Francesca for a bit and presented to her the gifts she had brought. “Anyway, Francesca, do you know what the situation is like for Danrique now? Did he contact you?”

“He’s been unreachable for a while. I couldn’t get to him,” Francesca replied lowly.

“What about Gordon?” the first lady asked.

“He called, but he’s still looking for Danrique. I will inform you if I find out anything,” Francesca assured, feeling tired.

“All right. I did not want to disturb you initially because I knew you would be exhausted, but the president asked me to come over to inquire about the matter, so here I am.”

Speaking, she patted Francesca’s hand and added, “Don’t worry, Francesca. Danrique will be all right.”

“Thank you.” Francesca nodded at her.

“I will make a move first, then. You must be tired. You have my number, so just call if those people bother you again. I will come over if anything happens,” the first lady assured, feeling sorry for Francesca.

“Thank you so much!” Words could not express how grateful Francesca felt.

“You take care. I’ll make a move first.”

Without further ado, the first lady got up and said goodbye, but she had barely taken a few steps when she suddenly remembered something and turned back to Francesca. “By the way, I heard there was news from Hazel, so I’m planning to ask Gerard out alone to find out more about it. We might be able to find some clues from there.”

“Did you say there was an update from Hazel?” Francesca asked anxiously.

“I’m not sure how true that is, but that’s what I heard,” the first lady replied, frowning. “That’s why I want to confirm it with Gerard. Since Hazel went to M Nation with Danrique, and we lost contact with both of them simultaneously, any news from her means we are not far from knowing more about Danrique’s disappearance.”

“That’s true,” Francesca noted, nodding. “May I go with you tomorrow?”

“Of course! After arranging a meeting with him, I will let you know the time and venue.”

“Sure. Thank you!” Francesca was extremely grateful.

“Don’t mention it.”

The first lady smiled at her and left.

Seeing that there was finally hope, Francesca could not help but feel emotional.

When Layla went to ask her what happened, Francesca roughly told her what the first lady said, but Layla frowned, commenting, “This doesn’t feel right. It makes more sense to bring this matter up right at the beginning since it’s so important. Why did the first lady suddenly mention it right when she was leaving and when you were alone at that?”

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