Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2230

Chapter 2230 Gaining Control Of The Situation

“He’s right. We will go up ourselves if you keep dragging this out,” Kevin threatened. “Please don’t do this…” Norah pleaded, shaking in fear.

“Don’t you guys dare touch anything in this house as long as I’m here!” Francesca exclaimed, stepping in front of Norah.

“You’re ridiculous! You know nothing about how business works, and neither do you know the consequences of your behavior. I don’t have time for people like you. Stop us again, and you’ll get hurt,” Kevin warned.

“I’d like to see you try.” With an order from Francesca, Sloan rushed in with his bodyguards.

Kevin and Gerard were not afraid of Sloan and his men at all as they roared, “Get this straight: this is the Lindbergs’ property, not the Felches’! This is absurd!”

“Mr. Yarrow, Mr. Atkinson, and Mr. Lindberg ordered us to protect Ms. Felch before he left. He also told us that she is the lady of the house, and we should listen to her, so we won’t back down if any of you challenge Ms. Felch.”

Sloan’s words carried weight in that situation, enraging Kevin, whose face turned red with anger. “You!”

On the other hand, Gerard bent over and whispered in Kevin’s ear, “Don’t get on their nerves now. They might not have that many people here, but everyone is specially trained. That useless bunch of people we brought is not their match.”

Hearing that, Kevin decided to try another way of persuasion. “Since you won’t allow us to take the seal, will you take responsibility for the company’s losses?”

“He’s right. What will you do with all the urgent projects? We are all Lindberg Corporation’s shareholders, so we can’t just sit and watch the company go bankrupt,” Gerard added.

“Who are you guys trying to bluff? Lindberg Corporation is not a small company that can go bankrupt within days. Other operations can continue while we wait for Danrique to come back before resuming the urgent ones!”

“Pfft!” Gerard scowled furiously. “You make it sound like it’s easy. Do you even know how to run a business? You have no idea how much loss we will incur if we postpone these projects. Danrique might not be around, but we can still manage the company in his stead, so just get us the seal and stop getting in the way of our work.”

“Yeah. Give us the seal!” “Give it to us!” The whole group started shouting vehemently, making all the maids at home panic.

Despite not being business-savvy, Layla knew enough to understand that they should, by no means, hand the seal to these people, so she kept shooting looks at Francesca, whose brows were stitched in a frown. Annoyance was written all over the younger woman’s face.

Meanwhile, Monica was squeezing through the crowd, trying to hand Francesca the phone since William wanted to talk to Francesca after Monica had told him about the latest development of the situation.

“Stap yammering and get out!” Francesca bellowed in vexation, wanting to chase all the people out.

Everyone froze for a moment but soon flew into a fit of rage as they lambasted her.

“Who do you think you are to shout orders at us? You’re the one who should get out!”

“Yeah! You’re just a woman Danrique played with. You two are not even married, so you have no right to decide on anything!”

“Exactly! Let’s get her out of the way!”

“Kick her out!”

In an instant, everyone started swarming over to force Francesca out of the house, but they could not go near her because Sloan and his men were blocking them off.

Still, the angry crowd continued clamoring in the living room, causing a distressing scene.

Just when Francesca was about to let fly her fury, the sound of cars came from outside, and a shout followed, “The first lady is here!”

Kevin, Gerard, and the others quieted immediately and turned, only to see the first lady coming from the outside with her men.

Taking in the situation, the first lady frowned and reprimanded, “Kevin Yarrow and Gerard Atkinson! What are you two doing? Danrique has only been away for a few days, but you’re already causing a stir at his house and bullying Francesca!”

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