Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2229

Chapter 2229 Demanding The Seal

“This means something must have happened.”

The colors drained from Kevin’s face as he exchanged a glance with Gerard, asking again, “What’s the situation now? Is Mr. Lindberg hurt, or did something happen to him?”

“I don’t know,” Francesca said, shaking her head. “Could you reach him?” Gerard asked immediately. “I couldn’t.” Francesca shook her head again.

“But you at least know if he’s dead or not, right?” Kevin was on tenterhooks. “I have no idea.” Francesca was putting on the perfect definition of obliviousness. “You…” Hearing the answer, Kevin was so angry his face flushed red.

The frown on Gerard’s face showed he was equally displeased when he demanded, “Do you even know anything? Even if you can’t contact Danrique, you should at least be able to get in touch with his subordinates. Don’t tell me you can’t even do that!”

“They will inform me if there is any news,” Francesca replied calmly. “Have both of you taken breakfast? Would you like to eat together?”

Infuriated, Gerard and Kevin stormed out, but Francesca suddenly remembered something and called out after them, “Hold on, Mr. Atkinson.”

Gerard stopped and turned to look at her. “Did Ms. Atkinson reach out to you?” she asked directly. “She didn’t,” Gerard replied with a frown. “She’s with Danrique. We lost touch with both of them.”

“I see. Could you let me know if she contacts you? Thanks,” Francesca requested. Gerard glanced at her coldly and left.

Behind him, Francesca heaved a sigh of relief, saying to herself, “I thought those two would be tough to deal with, but it turned out easier than I thought.”

“Well, the trouble hasn’t even begun,” Layla commented as if she had seen through everything. “They came here just to pump you for information today. They don’t dare to do anything now because they don’t know what happened to Danrique, but they might start getting pushy if we still have no news about Danrique after a few more days.”

“You’re right. That’s what His Highness said, too,” Monica agreed, nodding. “Ms. Felch, you should rest well while you can. You’ll need to deal with much more in the next few days.”

Francesca was not in the headspace to consider anything they said, for all she could think of doing was flying to M Nation as soon as possible to look for Danrique.

The following three days elapsed uneventfully with no visitors bothering her, and Francesca stayed at the quiet house, waiting in agony.

She phoned Danrique every day, but all her calls went unanswered. The only exception was the one she made to Gordon, who called her back and told her she had nothing to worry about since he was looking for Danrique with his men.

Francesca could neither sleep nor eat peacefully due to her worry and helplessness as the day passed one after another till the fifth day.

On that day, Kevin, Gerard, Donald, and the rest came to the house again, bringing with them a few senior shareholders and members of the upper management from Lindberg Corporation.

When they arrived at the Lindberg residence, the lot made a grand entrance before grilling Francesca for information about Danrique’s whereabouts.

If one were to consider Kevin and Gerard polite toward Francesca during their last visit, they would be aggressive during the second, for they interrogated her right away to get information on Danrique.

When Francesca replied that she had no news about him, they ordered Norah to bring Danrique’s seal from the study immediately with the excuse of needing it for urgent matters at the company.

Frightened, the housekeeper stared at Francesca, not knowing what to do.

“Who gave you all the right to snatch the seal here in our house?” Francesca fumed. “Do you think you all have free rein to do anything you like in Danrique’s absence?”

“We’re not snatching it. The company needs it. Don’t tell me the company has to stop all operations just because Danrique is not around,” Kevin retaliated confidently.

“Exactly. You’re just a woman. What do you know? Just get out of our way,” Gerard scoffed. With that said, he instructed Norah again, “Go to Danrique’s study and bring us the seal, or we will go up ourselves.”

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