Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2228

Chapter 2228 Visit

“Mm. Come over here and have breakfast,” Francesca said to Monica. Monica greeted Layla respectfully and took a seat next to Francesca. Layla noticed that Monica was wearing an earpiece.

“Don’t lie to me. The security system in the house was going crazy, yet you’re telling me nothing is wrong? I don’t believe you!” Donald burst into the dining room, clearly frustrated. “Um, Ms. Cece, you know about Danrique’s situation, right? Quick! Tell us how he is doing now.”

“Have you eaten breakfast yet, Uncle Donald? If you haven’t, please join us,” Francesca said nonchalantly.

Donald’s face and neck were red from how agitated he was. “I’m not in the mood for breakfast at a time like this! Are you even aware of how dire the situation is?”

“Sir.” Layla interrupted him and growled in irritation, “It’s still early in the morning, and the first thing you did once you came in here was to yell at Francesca. Where are your manners?”

“And who are you?” Donald glared at her angrily. “This is Ms. Layla,” Norah answered in a small voice.

Donald yelled furiously, “You’re not even married yet, but you’re already bringing your people to stay with you in this house! Do you take this place to be a refugee camp?” “You…”

“Someone get him out of here,” Francesca instantly called out. “Uh…” Sloan hesitated for a moment, then immediately replied, “Understood!”

With that, he gestured to his subordinates, and they promptly dragged Donald out of the house. “What are you doing?”

Donald didn’t expect Francesca to be that bold. Even Danrique had never treated him this way. “How dare you do this to me? Have all of you lost your minds? This is the Lindbergs’ property, not the Felches’!” he hollered lividly.

Unfortunately for him, his cries fell on deaf ears. Without Danrique around, everyone present was loyal to only Francesca. After getting thrown out, Donald tried to rush in again but was stopped by the bodyguards.

Flying into a rage, he began screaming about telling Danrique about this. He went on a rant about how Francesca was asserting authority she didn’t have and behaving as the lady of the house even though she wasn’t married yet.

As soon as Sloan saw the frown on Francesca’s face, he knew that she was annoyed. Hence, he went outside and did everything he could to chase Donald away.

“Don’t mind them, Ms. Layla.” Francesca poured Layla a cup of milk. “Who was he? He’s so arrogant,” Layla asked. “He is Danrique’s uncle. He’s the only relative left in the Lindberg family, and he’s quite annoying,” Francesca answered casually.

Layla nearly spat a mouthful of milk out. “He’s a relative of the Lindberg family? And you chased him out just like that?”

“My sentiments exactly, Ms. Felch.” Monica was on the verge of tears. “His Highness spent a long time talking to you yesterday in hopes that you would fight people with words and win them over with kindness. If they bully you, you could always use another method then—”

Francesca interrupted, “He was being difficult. I don’t have the patience to reason with him. It’d just be a waste of my energy.”

“Um…” Monica couldn’t refute that. I get it now. Everything His Highness said to her yesterday was all for naught.

Francesca simply did not possess the patience to reason with others because she was accustomed to using violent methods. If they did not listen to her, she would have them thrown out.

Layla, on the other hand, remained silent. She knew that Francesca’s methods were not ideal, but she was very aware that Francesca would not change her personality.

Who cares what method she uses? All that matters is that it gets the job done. “Ms. Felch, what if more of them come…”

Monica wanted to talk some sense into Francesca, but at that moment, Kevin and Gerard arrived. They must have run into Donald on the way in because they were behaving properly and not making a fuss.

“Ms. Felch, I heard something happened to Mr. Lindberg. Do you have any news about him?” Kevin asked politely.

Francesca replied evasively, “We’re still not sure. Gordon took some people with him to look for Danrique last night. He’ll inform me once he has any leads.”

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