Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2227

Chapter 2227 Fight

“Okay. I understand.” Francesca nodded and left hurriedly. William gazed at her retreating figure and only tore his eyes away after a long time.

Monica saw Francesca out and immediately noticed the complicated look in William’s eyes upon her return. She couldn’t help but ask, “Your Highness, do you think that something has happened to Mr. Lindberg?”

William frowned deeply as he replied, “It’s hard to say. He’s very arrogant and thinks that no one can do any harm to him, which was why he only brought a few people with him to M Nation. To be honest, the situation there is extremely disadvantageous to him. Frank and Pastor are working together, and the Nacht family just entered the picture. Any one of them is a formidable enemy on their own. By only bringing about a dozen of his subordinates to fight against them, he’s practically entering a lion’s den! It’s too dangerous!”

“It’s probably because he hasn’t faced many obstacles before.” Monica sighed before continuing, “What if something happens to him? What will Ms. Felch do? W-What will we do?”

Although Monica was not familiar with tactical strategies, she knew that Danrique was someone who could protect them.

If something happened to him, Francesca and William would be finished.

William sighed. “Sometimes, life is just a gamble. I knew there were risks when I betted on L back then. However, I believe in my judgment. He won’t collapse just like this. This is just the beginning!”

“So, is there anything we can do now?” Monica asked.

“Two things. One, continue investigating the first lady’s secret. Two, protect Francesca and help her to stabilize the Lindberg family,” William ordered.

Monica nodded in response. “Understood. I just asked Dominic for an update today. He’s still looking into it, but there have been a few leads.”

“It shouldn’t be difficult to find out who Avery’s ex-husband is. However, her lover may pose some problems unless he’s just an ordinary person. Tomorrow, you will go to where Francesca is and protect her. Notify me immediately if anything happens,” William surmised.

“No problem, but Ms. Layla is here as well. I get the feeling that she isn’t really fond of us and always has her guard up around us,” Monica said.

William chuckled bitterly. “That’s to be expected. I’ve brought nothing but trouble to Francesca ever since I met her. I’ve also repeatedly used her, so it’s normal for the people around her to be wary of me. Just ignore it. You must treat Ms. Layla with respect and decorum. She knows we are there to help, so she won’t make things difficult for you.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Everyone had told Francesca to get some rest, but she was completely unable to fall asleep.

As soon as she closed her eyes, scenes of Danrique being in trouble would flood her mind, and her heart would start aching terribly.

She wanted to fly to M Nation to be by his side so much.

Running around looking for him was a lot better than staying at home.

Although everyone told her she needed to stay and protect the family, Francesca knew that this was not her forte.

She would rather be like Gordon, fighting to the death on the frontlines with the enemy to save Danrique. That was what she was like.

Her imagination ran wild, and before she knew it, dawn had already broken.

Francesca was awake the entire night, staring at the phone and hoping to get some good news. However, the good news never came…

She got out of bed, washed up, and changed out of her pajamas. Layla was already having breakfast in the dining room while idly chatting with Norah.

The atmosphere in the house had been tense and gloomy, but Layla’s witty humor managed to tickle Norah and a few other maids.

Even Francesca couldn’t help but smile at that. She felt a lot calmer with Layla by her side.

She went downstairs and was about to dig into her breakfast when a subordinate came rushing in. “Ms. Felch, Mr. Donald is here!”

“Let him in.” As she spoke, Monica entered through the side entrance with a bunch of freshly-made desserts in her hand. “Ms. Felch, I’m here on His Highness’ orders to help you.”

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