Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2226

Chapter 2226 Teaching Her

Francesca arrived at William’s place fifteen minutes later. The condition of William’s injuries had improved tremendously after the recent bout of treatment. He was able to sit up now, and color had returned to his cheeks.

“William, why did you call me over?” Francesca had thought that William was feeling unwell and brought her medical kit along. However, he did not appear unwell.

“I heard the alarm and roughly guessed what was going on.” William anxiously leaned forward. “What’s the situation like now? Have you lost contact with him, or have you ascertained that something bad has happened to him?”

“We have lost contact with him.” Francesca realized that William was extremely intelligent. Most of the time, she did not even need to say anything, yet he could already tell what was going on at a glance.

“Well, that’s not as serious as the other scenario.” William relaxed slightly before asking, “Has Gordon rushed over with his men?”

“Yes.” Francesca nodded. “I wanted to go with them, but they did not allow me to.”

“It’s best if you stay behind at a time like this.” William kept his cool. “Frannie, listen to me. Something big might happen tomorrow. Many people will probably go to the Lindberg residence and inquire about the situation. You have to remain composed…”

“Is that so? What kind of people will come?” Francesca asked anxiously.

“Donald, people from the three great families, and even the first lady,” William listed them out one by one. “No matter what they ask you, you should just say that you are not clear on the details, but you believe that L should be fine. If they mention the company, tell them that you’ll wait for L to come back before making any decisions. Apart from you, no one else can make decisions on his behalf now, or he will find out who’s responsible for it when he returns and hold them accountable. If they say that there’s something urgent that needs immediate decisions, you’ll make the decisions. Don’t let anybody else take control. If they are not willing to listen, we’ll get the president to come over to support you. You have to remember that you are L’s fiancée. He has announced this fact to the public. No matter what others say, you are the only one who can make important decisions concerning the Lindberg family and company now.”

William did not hold back as he taught Francesca what to do in great detail. He reminded her again, “At times like this, you have to remain steadfast and imposing. You don’t have to be too reasonable. If someone says that you are not married to L yet and therefore cannot make the decisions, you should ask him if he wants to overstep your authority. No matter what, you have to make them listen to you, even if you have to be unreasonable. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” Francesca nodded. “However, will such things really happen?”

“Yes, they will.” William chuckled coldly. “I’ve seen this happen for myself. There have been many instances when something happens to a large organization, and many people come over to try and usurp the position of authority. Thankfully, L revealed you to the public before this happened, and you’ve been staying here all along. The Lindberg family’s subordinates recognize you as their only master apart from Danrique. If this was not the case, the Lindberg family would have descended into chaos the moment something bad happened to him.”

“I understand.” Francesca nodded again. “I will help him to protect this family and Lindberg Corporation.”

“If there are any unforeseen circumstances, you can contact me anytime. Although I don’t have many abilities, I have seen and experienced power play often enough to know how to deal with it!” William stated.

“I got it,” Francesca said with a nod.

“Also, when the first lady asks you to treat Ms. Avery tomorrow, you should not go. Tell her that there are many things you have to deal with at the moment and you can’t leave. Besides, Ms. Avery’s condition is stable enough now that a professional doctor should be able to deal with her.”

“I intended to do so too.”

With what was happening now, Francesca had no energy to deal with that matter. It was not a life-threatening situation, and other doctors could take over Avery’s treatment easily enough.

“Don’t worry. He’ll be fine,” William comforted her gently. “Go back and have a good rest. You’ll have to handle many things tomorrow.”

“Yes.” Francesca nodded. “Thank you, William.”

Just as she was about to leave, William called out to her. “You don’t have to come and treat me tomorrow. My condition is also stable. You should prioritize dealing with the Lindberg family matters for the next three days.”

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