Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2225

Chapter 2225 Steadfast

Layla urged, “Listen to me. You have to remain calm and wait for the search team to try and rescue him first. If they are unable to do so or cannot find him, we’ll think of another plan!” “All right…”

Francesca walked to the windows and peered down. As expected, Gordon had gathered all the bodyguards and was currently delegating duties to them.

She longed to go down and inquire about the situation. At that moment, someone knocked on the door. “Please come in,” Layla called out.

Sloan pushed open the door and walked in. He bowed to Layla before addressing Francesca. “Ms. Felch, we require manpower to deal with Mr. Lindberg’s situation. Gordon is going to rush over with some men while I remain here to protect you. You don’t have to worry. Gordon is merely going over to help settle some matters. Please rest well, Ms. Felch and Ms. Layla.”

“Okay, we got it.” Layla smiled and nodded. “Thank you. Please go ahead and do what you need to.”

Sloan bowed and left.

“Ms. Layla…” Francesca was very anxious and worried, so Layla comforted her. “If there’s nothing wrong with him, you would have worried for nothing. If there’s something wrong, you have to be strong and protect the Lindberg family. You can’t panic and lose your cool.”

“You’re right.” Francesca nodded her head.

“Listen to me. Go and rest. You still have a lot of things to do tomorrow,” Layla said.

“Yes, I got it.”

Francesca returned to the room in an absent-minded daze. She tried to call Danrique and Sean again, but no one picked up.

Something bad must have happened.

Danrique had brought twelve subordinates along with him this time. Including Sean, that number was thirteen. They would have been able to resolve the problem if it was not serious.

Danrique and his men were in M Nation, but they alerted the emergency alarm system at home, which meant that the situation was very serious. Hence, Francesa was afraid that Danrique was in deep trouble.

The more she thought about it, the more unsettled and anxious she got. After thinking about it, she decided to call Gordon.

However, the line was busy, and she could not reach him. An hour later, Gordon called her. “Ms. Felch!”

“Gordon! Has something happened to Danrique? What’s going on now?” Francesca asked hurriedly.

“Well…” Gordon hesitated for a moment before asking, “Ms. Felch, do you want to hear the truth?”

“Hurry up and tell me,” Francesca urged.

“We’ve lost contact with Mr. Lindberg, Sean, and the twelve men he brought there. Even Ms. Atkinson and her subordinates remain uncontactable.” Gordon lowered his voice and continued speaking grimly. “The emergency alarm has been activated at home, so it indicates that the situation is very dire. Mr. Lindberg’s smartwatch is linked to the alarm system in the Lindberg residence. Since the watch measures his heartbeat, the alarms in the Lindberg residence will automatically go off if his heart stops beating.”

“If his heart stops beating?” Francesca almost jumped up in fear. “It can’t be… Don’t scare me!”

“We are praying for the best. Perhaps there are other circumstances…” Gordon’s tone was somber. “Ms. Felch, I’ve already gotten some men to rush to M Nation. We are on the private jet that is about to take off. I have to go. I’ve left Sloan and the rest at home to take care of you. Please be careful when you are out and about.”

“I’ll go with you!” Francesca was panicking. “Or… You can set off first and send the address to me. I’ll reach soon!”

“It’s best if you don’t. This matter is very complicated. Even if you go, you can’t do anything to help either. Furthermore, there are some injured people here who need your help. Please be at ease and wait for my update, Ms. Felch. The plane is going to take off soon. I’ll hang up now.”

With that, Gordon hung up.

Francesca’s heart palpitated crazily in her chest. However, she reminded herself to stay calm. As Layla said, once news of Danrique’s situation spread, there would be internal chaos.

She had to remain calm and steadfast. Steadfast…

Francesca was lost in her thoughts when, all of a sudden, her phone started ringing. It was William. “Hello?” she said into the phone. “Francesca, are you free? Let’s meet.” “Now?”


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