Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2224

Chapter 2224 Security Alarms

After a pause, Francesca thought of something else. “But I was not the one who initiated the treatment plan for the president’s daughter. The president and Danrique have a close relationship. I couldn’t say no to that.”

“Things have already gotten this far. Let’s take it one step at a time. We’ll cross the bridge when we get to it.” Layla patted the back of Francesca’s hand as she advised, “Remember, always, always, always, be careful when doing anything!”

“Mhm.” Francesca nodded fervently.

Just then, Norah led the maid into the room to bring them their dinner. Francesca and Layla ate together as they gave Anthony a video call.

Anthony was elated and relieved to find out that Layla had gone over to Francesca’s, believing that it would bring guaranteed safety.

Anthony also asked about Lincoln. At the mention of Lincoln’s name, the light behind Layla’s eyes grew dim.

They were all worried about Lincoln, but the Lindberg family was already doing everything they could to help. They could not bring themselves to press the Lindberg family for more information.

After dinner, Francesca brought Layla to visit her office and also prescribed medication for the latter.

Seeing the office Danrique had constructed for Francesca and how respectfully the subordinates treated her, Layla was both touched and grateful to know that Francesca was well taken care of.

No matter what would happen in the future, at least Danrique truly loved Francesca in the present.

Francesca treated Layla’s injuries and watched her finish the herbal concoction before going to give William his treatment. By the time she returned to her room to rest, it was already late at night.

After showering, she lay in her bed. Layla’s words continued to occupy her mind, causing her to feel more and more guilty. She sent Danrique a text: When are you coming back?

There was no reply from Danrique.

Thinking that he was busy, Francesca did not continue to press on the matter.

Ever since Monica had given her the advice the other time, she was beginning to learn to trust him. After the conversation with Layla, she was a lot more mature as well.

When Danrique comes back, I’ll have a talk with him so that we can start planning. If anything were to happen in the future, I’ll face it with him.

As the thoughts raced inside her head, Francesca drifted into a deep sleep.

Francesca was unaware of how long she had slept. All of a sudden, security alarms started blaring from outside the room, jolting her awake. She immediately got to her feet and went outside. “What happened? What’s going on?”

“Nothing, Ms. Felch. Someone accidentally activated the alarms,” explained Sloan. “Continue resting. Don’t worry about it.”

Francesca turned to look outside. All of the infrared automated lights were lit up. She recalled Gordon mentioning that the security systems of the castle were top-notch. The police would automatically be notified if the alarms went off.

But, why would all the alarms be activated when nothing has happened? This has never happened before…

“Francesca!” Just then, Layla ran out of the guest room. “Come here!”

Francesca hurried over without hesitation. Layla pulled Francesca to a side and lowered her voice into a whisper. “Quick! Call Danrique!”

“Huh?” Francesca was taken aback slightly. “Are you implying that he’s in trouble?”

“Call him first,” Layla urged.

Francesca immediately went back into her room and got her phone to call Danrique. To her dismay, the call could not go through.

She immediately dialed Sean’s number, but there was no response either.

Francesca’s expression changed drastically. Just as she was about to look for Gordon, Layla pulled her into the room. “Don’t panic yet. The bodyguard told you that only the alarms have been activated, right?”

“Right.” Francesca nodded. “But we’ve lost contact with Danrique right now—”

“Looks like I’ve guessed correctly.” Layla’s expression was serious. “Danrique must have a device with him that’s connected to the alarm system in the house. Once he’s in trouble, he can alert everybody by activating the systems, allowing all of his subordinates to gather and prepare for rescue!”

“What could have happened to him? He’s still in M Nation, and there’s no way for us to contact him…” Francesca was getting restless. “I’ll go ask Gordon.”

“It’s no use asking him. He won’t tell you. Besides, they should be commencing the rescue mission right now. You should not get in their way.”

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