Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2223

Chapter 2223 Remember The Lesson

Layla shook her head in exasperation. “You’re still too young. Do you not understand that it’s best not to have anyone else involved when it comes to romantic relationships? A lot of married couples today live a happy life at first, but the moment the in-laws get involved and the husband has to sacrifice a lot, problems start creeping in sooner or later.”

“That won’t happen.” Francesca broke into a smile. “Danrique is not so petty. Besides, all that he’s doing now is well within his power.”

“You are still too naïve…” Layla smiled bitterly. “A lot of things might look like it’s within his power, but it could potentially be life-threatening to him in the future. For example, let’s say one day the properties of Lindberg Corporation are split, causing all the shareholders to gang up against Danrique. At that moment, five percent of the share will be the key to tip the scale.”

“So you’re saying that the five percent of shares that he gave Federico might be his demise in the future?” Francesca gaped.

“Exactly.” Layla nodded solemnly. “Also, now that he’s trying to save Mr. Lincoln and has offended Riz Corporation, they might add fuel to the fire if he ever gets into trouble.”

Francesca was becoming increasingly unsettled by each word spoken by Layla. “So you’re saying that all of these could have serious complications…”

“Too many complications.” The frown on Layla’s forehead grew tighter. “Danrique must care for you a lot. Otherwise, he wouldn’t get himself into so much trouble, considering the fact that he’s well aware of the consequences. What he’s doing now is no different from installing multiple ticking-time bombs that could go off at any second!”

“Now that you’ve told me all of this, I—”

Guilt overwhelmed Francesca like never before. She had never known that the things Danrique had done for her would lead to so many discreet issues.

Consumed by worry, she quickly asked another question, “Ms. Layla, the chances of those complications happening are not high, right?”

“I can’t say.” Layla shook her head slightly. “The stakes are like a predisposing factor to a disease. Can you tell, as a doctor, when the disease will present itself?”

That single question left Francesca without a retort.

“If the consequences blow up in his face, they will have a negative impact on your relationship.” Layla gave Francesca a kind warning. “Only when the lives of two people are going smoothly can they date in peace. If life is not going well and they spend most of their time worrying about staying afloat, how could they go on dates at all? Moreover, the two of you are carrying so much on your shoulders. When trouble really comes, you’ll have to take care of your own responsibilities. Love would have to be set aside by then.”

When Francesca heard that, she fell silent. She had been too naïve in the past to think that love was enough to maintain a relationship. She finally realized how much more complicated marriage would be.

“If it weren’t for us and for the problems we’re facing, things would have been so much simpler for you.” A hint of guilt pinched Layla’s heart. “It would be easier for a person to leave a relationship if there’s no feeling of guilt, but now, you’re becoming more and more indebted to him.”

“That’s fine,” Francesca replied immediately. “Even if I didn’t owe him anything, I still won’t leave his side if he gets into trouble. I will still face the problem with him! It’s just that, I’ve never imagined that he would bring so much trouble upon himself for my sake…”

Layla sighed heavily. “And that’s why I’ve always taught you to mind your own business. You never seem to heed this advice.”

“You’re right…” Francesca mumbled as guilt and shame continued to weigh on her heart. “I owe Danrique too much this time for helping William.”

“I’ll still give the same advice. Stay far away from politicians and members of the royal families,” Layla reminded once again. “Think about it carefully. Prince William has brought you nothing but trouble after trouble since the very beginning. Was Chrono not enough of a lesson for you? You have Danrique behind you right now, which was the sole reason you could escape danger again and again. If not for Danrique, you wouldn’t even have made it out of Danontand alive.”

“Yes, I know.” Francesca bobbed her head up and down. “I’ll remember the lesson. I promise not to do it again.”

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