Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2222

Chapter 2222 Debt

“He never told me this…” Francesca uttered anxiously. “Ms. Layla, how much of the shares do you think he gave Federico?”

“Not enough to threaten his position in the company, but not too little either. He wouldn’t get any say in the matter if it were too little.” Layla made some calculations in her head. “My guess is five percent.”

“Uh…” Francesca had no concept of how much that was. “I don’t understand. Is that a lot?”

“Duh.” Ms. Layla rolled her eyes at Francesca. “The three great families each have ten percent at most. You tell me. Is that a lot?”

When Francesca heard that, she was rendered speechless as her eyes widened in disbelief. That is a huge portion!

“Danontand’s five percent hold of the share could easily be half of the country’s income.” Ms. Layla frowned as she continued. “That’s such a huge benefit. It’s no wonder the king treated you with the utmost respect!”

When she heard that, Francesca felt her heart starting to bleed.

“You’re a sharp one, Ms. Layla!” Gordon could not help but praise Layla when he heard her analysis. “Mr. Lindberg truly has paid a huge price, but it’s all right. He once told us that as long as Ms. Felch returns home safely, nothing else matters.”

It was only then Francesca realized the sacrifices Danrique had made for her. She had been completely oblivious before that.

“Danrique has outdone himself,” Layla told Gordon. “And yet this child has been completely clueless. Oh right. Thank you for saving me this time.”

“We’re all family. It comes without saying,” replied Gordon respectfully. “As for Mr. Lincoln, we’re still trying to come up with a plan. We’ll notify you the second we receive any news.”

“Thank you,” Layla thanked him profusely.

“Good evening, Ms. Layla, your room is ready.” Norah nodded at Layla politely. “Ms. Felch, dinner is ready as well. Would you like to dine in the dining room or in your room?”

“Bring it to my room half an hour from now. I’ll accompany Ms. Layla to her room first.”

“All right.”

Francesca helped Layla to her room and began inspecting the latter’s wounds. She discovered that Layla had been shot and was suffering from multiple external injuries. After receiving treatment, her wounds were beginning to recover, but they hadn’t fully healed.

Francesca wanted to prescribe Layla medication as soon as she saw the injuries, but Layla stopped her. “Francesca, don’t go off to work yet. Sit down and have a chat with me.”

“Okay.” Francesca poured Layla a cup of water before asking, “Ms. Layla, what happened? Why would Mr. Lincoln be taken away by the people of Riz Corporation?”

“It’s a long story.” Layla sighed lightly as she attempted to make the conversation as light-hearted as possible. “Whatever it is, we owe Danrique a huge favor this time!”

“If anyone is indebted to him, it’s me.” Francesca comforted the woman. “He’s doing all of this for me. You don’t have to feel responsible for any of this.”

“Well, that’s not wrong, but…” Layla furrowed her brows as her expression turned grim. “You might not be familiar with the business world, but you have to know this. Riz Corporation is immensely powerful. Everyone would tread cautiously when it comes to them. Danrique’s position in the business world has only just stabilized. At a time like this, he really should not have made Riz Corporation his rival. He must have known this, and yet for you, he still crossed Riz Corporation. His subordinate, Gordon, has been trying everything to make a deal with Riz Corporation to save Mr. Lincoln. I know how difficult that is…”

After a brief pause, she continued, “Money or shares might have worked for Federico, but Riz Corporation will not accept those as an exchange. Danrique truly is putting in a lot of effort to help us.”

When she said that, Layla let out a small sigh. “I shouldn’t be telling you all this, Francesca. You dating him should be a simple process. You shouldn’t have involved so many troubles in your relationship, causing so much strain on yourself and each other. I’m really worried that it’ll affect you—”

“What are you talking about, Ms. Layla?” Francesca interrupted. “You and Mr. Lincoln are my families. Your problems are my problems too. What do you mean by affecting our relationship?”

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