Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2221

Chapter 2221 Price To Pay

Overwhelming joy filled Francesca’s heart as she saw the face of the figure. Without hesitation, she pushed the car door open to jump out. “Hey, Ms. Felch. The car hasn’t stopped yet—”

The subordinate quickly pulled the car to a stop as he spoke. Unbothered, Francesca got out of the car in a flash. “Ms. Layla!” she cried out.

Layla heard the familiar voice the moment she was out of the car. As she turned around, she immediately caught sight of Francesca running toward her. In the next second, Francesca flung herself into Layla’s embrace.

“There, there!” Layla wrapped Francesca tightly in her arms. “Oh gosh!” Francesca was on the brink of tears. “We finally meet again! I was so worried!”

Having been caught between life and death, the two of them were immensely emotional to be able to see each other again.

“You’re right. It’s good to be able to see you again.” Layla stroked Francesca’s hair affectionately with a motherly love in her eyes. “Your hair’s gotten longer. You look like a girl now.”

“Pfft!” Francesca laughed sheepishly. “I’ve always been a girl.”

“Looks like your fake persona is gone, haha!” Layla laughed as she caressed Francesca’s cheeks. “You seem to have grown a little chubby.”

“You’re joking, right? I’ve been hustling day and night lately, yet I’ve somehow gained weight?”

Francesca quickly checked her reflection.

“Ms. Felch, let’s enter the house first.” Just then, Gordon walked over and greeted them. “It’s quite windy out, and Ms. Layla’s wounds are not completely healed yet. She needs to rest.”

“Wounds?” Francesca immediately began to inspect Layla’s body. “Ms. Layla, how are you feeling? Where have you gotten injured?”

“I’m feeling much better.” Layla grabbed Francesca’s hands, stopping the latter from continuing the physical examination. “Let’s head inside first.”

“Okay.” Francesca nodded and helped Layla into the building.

Just then, Monica came forward to greet Layla. Smiling, Layla nodded at the former in response. Francesca talked to Monica for a while and urged the latter to return to William to take care of him.

With that, Monica hurried away.

Layla turned to look at Monica as they parted ways. “Is that Monica the FBI agent that saved you in S Nation the other time?” she asked.

“Yep. That’s her.” Francesca nodded. “You remember?”

“She works for Prince William, I suppose?” Layla asked again.

“Mm-hmm…” Francesca began to explain briefly the relationship between William and Monica as well as the recent happenings. “William has been staying here to recuperate. I go over every day to give him treatment,” she concluded.

“Who would have thought…” Layla trailed off, deep in thought.

“Who would have thought what?” Francesca asked.

“Who would have thought that Danrique would have such high principles?” Layla commented wistfully. “His feelings for you have far exceeded my expectations.”

Francesca could not help but let out a gentle laugh. “I was talking to you about William. How did you come up with that conclusion?”

“You can tell from this incident,” Layla began to explain. “If Danrique didn’t love you this much, he would have never gotten himself involved with the royal family of Danontand, and he would definitely not spend so much effort saving Prince William. Do you know how big of a price he has to pay?”

When Francesca heard that, her smile faded as anxiety rose in her chest. “Price?”

“He’s just a businessman. Why should a king show him that much respect?” Layla threw a question back at Francesca. “If it weren’t for money?”

“Are you saying that Danrique has given a lot of money to Federico?” Francesca pressed on. “But he said he didn’t give any money. Could it be a form of investment instead?”

“Money is a small issue, and investment is not a fixed amount.” Layla smiled. “If I guessed correctly, he must have given the king shares of Lindberg Corporation.”

“What? Shares?” The shock made Francesca’s heart lurch. “You’re kidding me, right?”

As clueless as she was, even Francesca knew what holding the shares of a company implied. The three great families had been fighting for those shares to the point where blood was spilled.

Having Lindberg Corporation shares equaled sitting at home and waiting for money to flow passively into one’s pocket.

And it would be a tremendous amount.

That truly was a hefty price to pay.

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