Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2220

Chapter 2220 A Surprise Guest

The next few days passed by without any incident. Every morning, Francesca set out to the presidential palace to treat Avery. She would be back by afternoon to give treatment to William.

During each and every visit to the palace, both Gordon and Monica would escort her. Gordon was Danrique’s right-hand man and held an esteemed position. Even the first lady was polite to him and took him seriously.

As for Monica, she was like an assistant to Francesca. At the same time, she was also constantly observing their surroundings. Four days had passed. Avery’s condition had stabilized completely.

Francesca knew exactly how to treat patients like her. Every time Avery woke up and was about to become hysterical, Francesca would insert a needle in her and put her to sleep once more. The first lady was concerned and asked if that would affect Avery’s health.

Francesca answered, “It will affect her to a certain extent. After all, if she keeps sleeping, she won’t be able to consume any food. As such, her body will be quite weak. We can only sustain her using the IV drip. Then again, it’s better than having her act up, isn’t it?” “Uh…”

The first lady did not know how to respond. “Mrs. President, let’s go outside for a while.” “All right.”

Both Francesca and the first lady went to the study room. Francesca went straight to the point. “Ms. Avery’s treatment has entered a stable phase. All you have to do now is to engage a professional doctor to take over.”

“You don’t wish to continue treating Avery anymore?” asked the first lady. “Is it too taxing for you? By the way, I have never discussed the remuneration with you. Please let me know how much you need. I’ll issue a check right away.”

“Money’s not the issue,” said Francesca. “I don’t think it’s right for me to create a hassle every time I enter the presidential palace. On top of that, Ms. Avery seems to get very agitated every time she sees me. This will affect her condition.”

“Avery is very emotionally unstable right now. She reacts the same way to all the doctors, not just you,” explained the first lady. “But, it must be tiring for you to travel here every day. I will try my best to engage a professional doctor for Avery. In the meantime, can I trouble you to look after her for another couple of days?”

“Sure,” Francesca agreed to her request without hesitation. “If there’s nothing else, I will make a move first.”

“Let me walk you out.”

Gordon was waiting by the door when the women came out. Monica was walking behind them with a medical kit. For the past few days, Monica could not find anything suspicious about the first lady. It seemed that their suspicions had been based on pure speculation.

Did we really get it wrong?

Once Francesca got into the car, she waved goodbye to the first lady.

Monica was seated next to Francesca as she studied the first lady. The latter had a warm smile on her face and did not look like an evil person. Was I mistaken?

As the car drove away slowly, Gordon asked, “Ms. Felch, do you intend to carry on with the treatment?”

“No. I have already spoken to the first lady and told her to engage a professional doctor to take over,” replied Francesca. “She’s making arrangements for it now. But, before the new doctor gets here, I’ll still have to take care of her.”

“How difficult can it be for the presidential palace to find a doctor? Why can’t they just summon the best doctor from the national hospital?” said Monica.

“I’m sure she knows what to do.” Francesca did not seem to mind too much. “Gordon, when is Danrique coming back? He has been away for quite a while now, hasn’t he?”

“He should be back soon,” answered Gordon. “There’s an important conference tomorrow afternoon, so he should be back by then. The president will be back tomorrow as well to host the conference.”

“Oh, I see,” Francesca acknowledged briefly before leaning back in her seat as she checked her phone.

“There’s something else,” Gordon continued. “We are expecting a guest today.”

“A guest? Who’s that?” Francesca was curious. “Do I know the person?”

“Of course, you know this person. You’ll find out very soon.” Gordon was being very secretive.

“I can’t believe you are keeping me in suspense.” His response made Francesca even more curious.

Very soon, they arrived at the manor, and Francesca could see another vehicle from afar. Just as she was wondering who the person was, two medical staff carried someone out of the car.

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