Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2219

Chapter 2219 Suspicion Part Two

“Are you sure?” Francesca still found it unbelievable. “Who would dare to do anything like that at the presidential palace? What’s their motive?”

“That’s what we want to find out too,” said Monica. “Ms. Felch, although we have no evidence right now, the circumstance is still very suspicious. We need to be more vigilant and not let our guard down.”

“Yes, it’s better to be careful,” agreed Gordon as he nodded. “However, there’s no need to be overly cautious. Just make sure someone is with you at all times. Everyone knows who you are. I doubt they will dare to try to do anything.”

Francesca did not spare the matter much thought. Monica, on the other hand, was ruminating.

By the time Francesca arrived home, Norah had breakfast ready.

Francesca had a bite before taking a shower and going to bed.

When Monica got back, she went straight to William’s room. He had not slept the entire night and was waiting for her to update him on the situation.

Monica gave him a detailed report.

At the end, William drew his conclusion. “There must be something wrong with the first lady. In the future, you should watch over Francesca more carefully. Don’t let anything happen to her.”

“Yes, I understand,” Monica responded with a nod. “But, there’s something I don’t get. Why would the first lady want to do that? Is she trying to get rid of Ms. Felch so that Ms. Avery can be with Mr. Lindberg? Surely, someone in her esteemed position should understand that there is no way Mr. Lindberg will marry her mentally unwell daughter. So, why would she still do such a thing?”

“Sometimes, things are more than meets the eye. There can be other reasons as well…” William looked down and pondered before continuing, “That’s why I want you to check out the identities of Ms. Avery’s ex-husband and lover. We may be able to find something.”

“Yes, sir.” Monica nodded. “Do you think the president is aware of this matter? If he is, I don’t think he would allow it to happen, right?”

“I can’t be sure,” replied William. “I don’t know them well enough to make any accurate assumptions. Let’s just take it one thing at a time and act accordingly.”

“Yes, sir.”

Meanwhile, at the presidential palace, the first lady was throwing a fit. “It’s preposterous! We actually missed such a good opportunity! Furthermore, Monica has brought Gordon along too. That must mean that we have alerted them. It will be difficult to make our move the next time.”

“That Monica woman is annoying,” said the personal bodyguard of the first lady. “She doesn’t work for the Lindberg family, so I don’t know why she’s involved.”

“Does she work for Prince William?” asked the first lady.

“Yes,” answered her bodyguard. “According to my investigation, she used to be an FBI agent. In order to save Prince William, she was discharged from her job. She is extremely loyal to Prince William. But, since she works for him, why does she bother with Francesca?”

“Don’t be stupid.” The first lady sneered, “Danrique is the reason why William was able to make a comeback, and Francesca is the reason why Danrique has come forward to help him. Right now, Francesca is the only one who has William’s back. If anything untoward happens to her, not only will he not be cured, but Danrique also won’t give a d*mn about his survival. If that happens, William’s cousins will exact their revenge on him. Given his handicapped condition, there is no way he can fight back.”

“I got it.” The bodyguard quickly nodded. “He’s protecting Francesca to safeguard himself!”

“That’s right.” The first lady sighed before continuing, “Initially, I thought that once Danrique left, we would get the chance to deal with Francesca. I didn’t expect Prince William to also be on her side. Although he doesn’t have much authority, he’s quite scheming nonetheless. With his protection, there’s no way we can touch Francesca.”

“So, what should we do now?” asked her bodyguard.

“Let me think about it.” The first lady looked wistful. “If we want to finish Francesca off, we must do it before Danrique comes back. Once he returns, I will never get another chance.”

“Will she be coming to provide treatment for Ms. Avery tomorrow?”

“Even if she does, we can’t do anything to her again.”

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